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symbol: trees II

symbols: trees II

From the first time we try to climb one, or the first time we stand under their outstretched branches, trees hold magic for us. When we are so very young a tree can make us feel so grand. While standing in the branches of the first tree we climb we feel a power that nothing up until then has been offered to us. And while standing next to something so immense we realize how large our world is and we realize we have much to discover. While still being protected we feel empowered by these giants in our world. Trees are magical.

When we see our first tree cut down, most of us even those “tough” people out there, will feel a loss. We feel a loss to our connection with nature, and possibly our loss to the magic that they hold. It is an energy that touches us all. But trees must come down for new ones to grow and for cycles to continue. Trees must come down sometime; however, their energy lives on in the wood and rings that time grew. When we use certain wood in our homes, cabins, furniture, etc. we bring into our lives their essence.

Below is a list of a few common trees in Minnesota and their energy. This list has been formulated over time from many, many sources that I once read and does not reflect any one person’s work. I apologize that these sources I cannot provide, as I have gathered most in my head over time. Keep in mind this is the tip of the berg and individual tree types such as pine have many sub-types and those also have their own energy, but I have shortened the list for convenience and memory limitations. It is by no means definitive or complete but it is a starting place for those interested in the Energy of Trees. Enjoy!

Cedar - cleansing of negative influences, calming, childhood memories
Juniper - protection, longevity, passion
Pine - endurance, aids “going with the flow”, (all pine: symbol of immortality)
Spruce - connection to animal spirits, gentleness
Tamarack - “you are taken care of”, the watchers and listeners, the record keepers

Ash - peace of mind, clarity and calmness
Aspen - harmony and loyalty in relationships
Birch - Motherhood, called “the Giving Tree” because of mother energy, creativity
Poplar -decreasing negativity, manifestation of dreams and goals
Walnut - inspiration and intelligence
Willow - releasing or aiding emotions related to grief, romantic inspiration, or childhood memories
Cherry - The “Tree of Fairies”, compassion, love
Cottonwood - support systems, family ties
Elm - protection, regeneration, life cycles
Hickory - the “magical tree”, hold your ground while being flexible if needed
Maple - selflessness, sweetness of life
Oak - good fortune, strength, longevity
Apple - abundance, joy



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