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The tree agate is a creamy white stone with green dendrites cascading throughout the stone. Mostgeologists would not call them tree agates instead preferring to call them a moss agate that is opaque rather than translucent in spots as the moss agate is. But for those in the metaphysical and specialty stone areas we tend to break down the crystals and stones further as the slightest differences can bring one specialty help. Not truly an agate as it lacks the concentric circles and or stripes needed to be a true agate the tree agate is called this as it is a microcrystalline quartz much like a chalcedony and so it fallsinto these agate categories.

Sometimes called the “Gratitude Stone”, it brings good fortune to those without greed in their hearts.Those with the desire to take from others will never be helped by these discerning tree agates. For those who are already filled with gratitude in their hearts this stone can bring endless abundance! Those already with a grateful heart will be drawn to the tree agate as well as those who need to open their hearts more to gratitude. This stone brings one into alignment with oneness of the earth. Not just the individual’s connection to the earth but all that is of the earth and its great connection to everything and everyone else.

Tree agate has a vibration that makes it calming to the nerves, especially for those who don’t know the reason for their anxieties. It helps facilitate deeper meditation especially when that meditation is held in nature or is connected to nature somehow. The tree agate is a stone that Mother Earth is calling out to at this time to connect to her children so that all are aware of the climate changes and those areas of our planet needing healing work. The combining energies of this stone and the people of this planet wanting to help heal it will bring light and change for the good. The tree agate helps diffuse geopathic stress and brings calmness to the earth energies and her people.

This stone will help those who feel lost on their journey rediscover they never were truly lost. Self-discovery rarely takes a direct line and so it can easily make one feel lost at times when we lost sight of that line. It also helps artists who want to better capture nature in her purest of forms. A must of sorts for those connected to the animals and especially the trees so that their true essence can be gathered onto a piece of art.

Being the stone of gratitude, it can create within the heart chakra, of the bearer, the ability to feel gratitude where it may have been hidden before. It can help one change bad times into challenges and chaos into possibilities for change. Whenever one can hold the tree agate long enough the heart connects and possibilities are endless.

The tree agate has been said to help one see and hear fairies and tree sprites. So, a great stone for all those gardens out there that need some extra sprite and fairy tlc! On the physical, it has been known to lower blood pressure if held for long periods of time. It eases worrisome minds and calms the body so healing can take place.

This is a wonderful, beautiful stone that makes a splendid buddy stone with moss agate or just to add to any collection for enjoyment, health and much more. Get yours today! A wonderful stone to wear all the time! 



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