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symbols: time

inspiration: time

I have had writer’s block. It is a common ailment of people who can find no inspiration. Inspiration has been eluding me. I have been unable to find anything to write about that doesn’t put me to sleep. So, I was sitting up late the other night, trying to think up something to write, & trying to stay awake, when I realized that it was the night that daylight savings begins. It was already about 1:52 am & I decided, because we all do crazy stuff when it’s late, to watch my phone when the time change happened to, well, see what happens. Okay, anyone sleeping yet? Have you ever waited 8 minutes in the middle of the night for anything dumb? The time has NEVER gone so slow! I was literally wondering if anything could be so slow? My Dad saying something to the tune of “watching grass grow” came to mind. 1:54, 1:56…..1:58, well you get the idea. Then 1:59 was upon me. I was excited. I held my breath...the time 3:01am! Oh My Highest Power! I had just LOST one minute of my life! I got to thinking how much I could have done with that one minute! I thought I could have told my children, & most people in my closest inner circle, how much I loved them. I could have played with my dog. I could have read a page in my novel. I could have... again you get the idea! This was horrible. I didn’t stop to even care about the minutes I wasted watching my phone because, frankly, I chose to do something stupid with my time. But that minute was just ripped from me, never to be seen again!

There I had my front page. Time. Once again it all boils down to time. I have written about time before but things not thought of started to surge up. Just a couple of days ago I wrote as my status on facebook, (for those not savvy, it is what is on your mind or what you are doing, etc) & that status was “not enough time just doesn’t begin to say it”. Then, there I was late at night, watching time drag on like there was no tomorrow. I had what seemed like enormous amounts of time. Then a minute gone was like time had sped up to mega fast proportions. And then it hit me. Time truly is an illusion. Time is perception.

I picked up Dan Furst’s * book “dance of the moon” the other day, (a great book about Astrology and moon cycles and how they affect us) and it had something in it about 2012 and time, and it got me thinking. If you do enough digging there is a myriad of things about time and theories relative to time. Time travel. The true increments of time. And time as an illusion. I read there is a possibility that we messed up thousands of years ago and it might not really be 2010! It might be 2016 or 2003? We made up those numbers too! Time had no numbers. There is no certainty that we measured and laid it out correctly. There is only certainty that time exists, but how we measure time is the conundrum. Slow time doing something “icky” seems like a loss, but doing something fun can be quick time, and feel like a loss too, because it ended? We are funny creatures because either way we lose? We need to find a measurement to make us feel we have won. Fun time should be seen as a gain of time if “icky” time is seen as a loss?

I realize that having hours to a day may make our lives easier but that should not be the true measurement of time. A day at the beach is time well spent. Time balancing the checkbook is too but we don’t treat it the same. It feels like time lost. It is time that has passed us by because we were doing something we must do, not something we wanted to do. So there it is. Time should not be measured by minutes, nor hours, nor days. It most certainly should be measured in laughter, and hugs, how many turns of a good book, and how many chews and swallows of a great meal. Those are the ways I feel we gain time. When we sit down to balance a checkbook, smile, because even if that section of time seems lost, there are so many places to regain it again. Time is continual, time does move on, but we have the power over perception of time. It only has as much power as we give it. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a minute to regain...and do something great with.



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