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stones: tigereye

stones: tigereye

Apparently in the mid 1870’s in London, England, it cost approximately 25 shillings or what would be equivalent to $85.00, to buy just one carat or 0.2 grams of a gemstone called Tiger Eye. At that time Tiger Eye was worn only by the very rich as only a very small amount of this Tiger Eye, then called a precious gem, was found. Then in the middle of the 1880’s, just a few short years later, rich sources of Tiger Eye were found in Africa and the prices crashed, and by 1990 it was only considered a semi-precious gemstone. Today it can be bought for about $1.50 per carat. Perhaps it is more bountiful now but it is still a stone that even the rich are found to be wearing as it mesmerizes one as a deep gold, cat’s eye would.

The Tiger Eye got its name because it looks, both like the striping of the tiger with the gold and black coloring and it looks like the eye of a tiger shining in the night. The richest veins of Tiger Eye are found in South Africa and there are some supplies, although slightly different, in Australia. What is quite interesting is that although the greatest amount of Tiger Eye is found in Africa, history shows that the great cat, the Tiger, has never lived in Africa!

In ancient folklore from many different cultures, this stone protected the bearer from the “evil-eye” or ill-wishes from others, which since has been translated into a stone of protection in the form of dissolving and dispelling negative energy. The tiger eye stone represents both the elements of fire and earth making it useful in grounding one’s energy as well as igniting one’s passions. The gold chatoyancy that the tiger eye displays, which is the reflection of light off the fibers of crocidolite and quartz within the stone, has been said to carry the energy and power of the sun. This gives the tiger eye power to help one with obstacles and challenges.

Tiger Eye has been called the “stone of balance” as it helps to stimulate both the root chakra and the solar plexus. It helps one find the harmonious center between polarities. As a stone of the “Golden Ray” it resonates with Christ consciousness. When meditating with this stone one will feel unconditional love and compassion.

The Tiger Eye aides in combating fatigue as it lends extra strength, it helps strengthen the endocrine system and assists in balancing hormones. This is an excellent stone for mediators and those going through difficult negotiations. Take this stone into an important meeting as it provides courage, while also grounding emotions slightly, and makes the bearer feel worthy and powerful. This stone helps one maintain balance between extremes of dark and light, joy and sorrow, to a place of integrated Spirit in a physical vehicle. It helps release blocked creativity and helps to elevate moods.

This is a wonderful stone to help prevent over stimulation of the adrenal glands due to stress. It aides in enhancing patience and expands one’s understanding of their divine purpose. It should not be worn continuously as it does slow the energy of the body but can be worn for up to a week at a time when needed.

Tiger Eye has been worn by the rich, the poor, and Shaman throughout the world. And now you know that the Tiger Eye brings more than protection and good luck, but those aren’t bad reasons to have your own either.

Thanks to “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall and “Sheryl’s Guide to Stone Energies” by Sheryl Fisher, for some of the information provided.



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