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stones: thunder eggs

stones: thunder eggs

Thunder Eggs are the state rock of Oregon. Sunstone is the state stone. The only reason that Thunder Eggs did not make the grade to “stone” but instead became a “rock” is that it is a combination of minerals rather than a “pure” mineral combination. Interestingly enough many of the “stones” that are discussed in the most popular geology books and metaphysical books are indeed a combination of minerals and are not considered rocks. Why? Cuz someone said so. I, on the other hand, will claim that these treasure holders should be considered a stone of mystery, not just another volcanic rock. How did they get the name Thunder Eggs and why do I consider them a stone of mystery? Here’s what I found when I went digging:

As far back as anyone can say these beauties have been named Thunder Eggs because the first peoples to find them both in the United States and Australia believed they were hurled around during thunderstorms or they were taken, by the gods, from the nests of the great thunderbirds and were used in wars against one another. The natives of both lands have rich stories about these stones. I call them the “stone of mystery” because just as one can never judge a book or person by their cover, one could never judge what these dull brown stones are until one looks inside. These stones form as lava around gas bubbles during the activity of volcanoes. As the lava cools so many things happen. There is a hollow area that is filled with minerals such as agate and opal and the shrinkage and cracking of the outside silica produces the star shaped pattern that is typically found within. No two Thunder Eggs are ever the same and the beauty within is always a surprise. Just as you never know the mysteries and beauty within each new person you meet so too the Thunder Egg remains a mystery until opened.

The natives believed that such great anger, that must have been when these were being thrown around, must follow with great peace and so these stones have been associated with peace. They are wonderful protective stones for children and help one learn how to deal with anger and how to have peaceful outcomes when strife is a challenge. They facilitate right thoughts with right actions. They also help with courage and self-confidence. Thunder Eggs remind us that peace and beauty are always just beneath the surface.



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