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inspiration: Joan's picks

We hope you are surviving winter and that you are all trying to take in as much Vitamin D as is needed to help you smile more throughout the entire winter! Most Minnesotans are Vitamin D deprived so it is not uncommon for many to get the blues during the cold months. So do yourself a favor and either have your D checked or increase it a bit just to help out a bit! Ok, now that my wellness tip is over I would like to help some with something else that seems to be increasing. We have a lot of people calling in to ask us who they should see as an intuitive (psychic or reader is synonymous), or someone to do energy work, and as some of you may have found out….we will not help you with this except to tell you prices and logistics if we can!

Choosing an intuitive for yourself is one of those things in life you need to do alone! We will not answer the top two questions that so many ask, “Who do you recommend for me?” and “Who is good?”. First of all, who is good cannot be answered by us. They all are good and they are all bad if not matched to what you need at the time. In other words it is a bit like card readings. Ten people could get the same ten cards come up in a reading, same layout and exact cards. Is the reading the same? Absolutely no way! What comes to you or what comes to the intuitive using the cards is always going to contain what it is that you need at the time for you to decide upon. Cards come up for a reason, whether to give right information or wrong information they are brought to us for a reason. And they are read differently depending on who it is for, etc. And then it is up to us what we do with the information. If something does not resonate than leave it behind! Nothing is ever set in stone! We get the information so that we can make decisions about happenings and what we would like from those happenings, good or bad.

Not all intuitives use cards, it was just an example, but even without using cards a reading could be very different even if the same messages came to the intuitive while doing a reading with two different people. The point is that the message is for you. But there are still those who will insist that they have had a bad reading in the past with someone somewhere out there and so they don’t want the same thing to happen and yet they still want guidance. If you are in that space, you should probably wait to get any reading. The reason I say this is not to protect the intuitive, they can handle themselves and know the processing that some have to do in order for readings to go well. The reason a reading goes well or does not go well has a great deal to do with the person having the reading. If you do not trust yourself, that is not a way to start out having a reading with ANYONE! Once you know you can make the right decisions for yourself on an intuitive, it will all come together for you and the reading will be wonderful. You now have the power to choose what you need from the reading, decipher what fits for now, and you have the knowledge already inside of you to throw away the rest or keep it in mind for later.

You might have, in your opinion, a “good” reading or a “bad” reading. But whatever kind of reading you have, if you remember that you received it because it was what you needed for now, it will always be a good decision regardless of which intuitive you chose, or who the Universe nudged you to choose. Now you won’t have to ask “Who should you see?” Instead ask, how am I going to receive my information and what will I do with it? Now you are ready!



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