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inspiration: the voice within

inspiration: take action

Let's get honest. Everyone has been bombarded with political chaos for three years plus now and I think most of us are sick to death of it. Some say they don't listen to the news and others say they don't vote and stay far away from all of it because it is of the "First Column" or "Low Frequency" vibrations. There are those who say they are above all of it and choose not to engage in things that are not of Spirit, love and light. To a point that is true. To a point. But we have gone beyond that point. Now is the time when all people who are of light and love must stand up and be counted. Why? Because it's important. For the very first time we have a leader who is creating great divides. During the civil war we didn't have as many divides. We are not only being torn from our nation's allies, but we are being torn apart within our nation as well. I believe we don't have to break apart and battle each other. Some beings are elevated so they can see what is important to be done on earth for their continued enlightenment, and now it's more important than ever to ground yourself in the muck and do the work you came to do!

Hopefully I have not already lost those who think they are above all the chaos, as they believe if they do become engaged in it, at all, they will be drug down to a lower vibration. Here is what I have to say, "Come on down and join the rest of the human beings here on earth because that's what you came here for and this is what you are here to make better!" Well, you say, what if my lesson is to remain unfazed and stay at an elevated vibration to lift others to a higher vibration? If it was necessarily true for elevated beings to keep the light above the fray, then why are we on this earth plane? It's extremely easy for many of us to stay elevated and stay out of it all. It's a happy place up there. Believe me I would love more than anything to remain at a higher vibration. We are here to become more enlightened, not stay where it was comfortable. That's why we must get down, where it is not comfortable for us, and help with what we can help with and change what we can change and leave what we must. But staying away from the lower vibrations doesn't help us learn and become more enlightened. It only keeps us safe and comfortable.

I challenge all of you, who have been quietly waiting for things to pass, to get up and do something more. Make the world more beautiful with your presence, not your absence. Vote, shout, march, do what must be done to make the changes.

Many enlightened beings of the late 60's and early 70's were called Hippies. Some of them were heavily drugged to escape what was happening around them because they wanted to live in Nirvana. Others were joining hands and forming peaceful protests all over America. Many did not understand them. Many do not understand us. The hippies that made a difference were the ones that shouted and walked and protested. The ones that sat in fields, doing their drugs, were peaceful and were happy but they didn't make as much of a difference. They did drugs to leave this plane. Some do now. Some meditate and ignore anything that is of a lower vibration claiming it won't affect them if they hold the light. This is certainly true, but perhaps we are supposed to be affected? Maybe we came to this plane to make the changes necessary and help those around us, not just with a theory or thoughts of enlightenment, but real changes. Earth plane changes in helping others. What more important thing could we possibly do to become more enlightened? Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Druid, the only difference you make that matters is kindness and helping others. Those changes take the courage to come down to earth and be present in the muck. I was once told by a shaman; "True shamans must always carry black tourmaline with them". I asked why? "Because" he said, "a shaman is of no use if they are not grounded because they are unable to do their work if they always remain in the light". He continued, "Those seeking the light are in need of a shaman, and that is why the shaman exists, to be of service to those in need."

Finally, to those of you out there who believe what you can do is too little or too late, it is never too little or too late! I was listening to an old Garth Brooks song a couple of weeks ago called "The Change" and I encourage all of you out there to listen to it. Really listen to it. You might go out to create change, but it isn't necessarily about changing the world. It could be about not letting the world change you. Each time you do something, no matter how small, you become an even brighter light for others to see and they begin to change. You begin doing good so the world won't change you, which in turn changes everything!

Do what you can, when you can, and make a difference. Whether it's talking to your neighbors, waving signs, voting to make things better, or just being good to one another. It matters. It's time the world, or at the very least our country, begins acting again as if we are a family that cares about one another, instead of a dysfunctional one.


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