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symbols: stone animals

symbols: stone animals

Why do we have little stone animals in our shop? Good question! We have a diverse group of animals carved out of a variety of stones for several reasons.
  • They are cute!
  • They represent Spirit Animals (or Totems if that’s easier).
  • They represent actual animals in our lives.
  • They represent Chinese Astrology Animals (this is the year of the Tiger and next year is the Rabbit)
Let’s start with the fact that they are cute. Who wouldn’t want a sweet little red jasper monkey peeking out from a flower pot? How about a serpentine turtle sitting in a sand garden? Maybe an Opalite hummingbird on the windowsill? Wherever you decide to set one of these cuties it will make everyone who sees it smile!

The main reason we began having stone animals in our shop is to represent Spirit Animals in our lives. It has been common practice in Native cultures to carry a symbol of an individual’s Totem or Spirit Animal with them wherever they go to remind them of the animal they carry inside and around them. It is also a reminder of calling on the Spirit Animals on our journey when we have struggles and forget how powerful we are. It is also a reminder that the Great Spirit or God connected us to the animals and that we are all one sharing this earth and to have respect for all. It isn’t only the Native American’s that have had this tradition as other cultures favored animal spirits as well. The Druids and the Pagan’s have a long history of having familiars which is basically the same as Spirit Animals. They are the animals that walk with us on this plane whether in physical form or metaphysical to assist us.

Many people have more than just dogs or cats in today’s world, so we also have snakes, iguanas, and turtles galore. Perhaps someone has lost their pet and they want a small reminder on their desk that will make them happy? Maybe carrying the animal in a pocket keeps them close to their furry companion when the days get long? Whatever the motive they make great little gifts for ourselves and those closest to us.

Reasons one would carry particular animals: A tiger eye horse would make an awesome gift for a child just learning how to ride as it is a protection stone as well. A black onyx raven might help one develop their intuition and magic. A rose quartz cat curled into a ball may remind us of the love we have in our hearts. A Unikite frog may help us leap into that business decision we have been struggling with. There’s a chance a hematite dog may just give us that feeling of safety we have always looked for. And perhaps a goldstone eagle will give us the confidence to realize that abundance has no limits, if we just believe in ourselves!

We also have a wide array of dolomite animals (or soapstone, which is mostly dolomite). Dolomite is a stone that helps one to grieve and when the grieving is complete it also vibrates to an energy that aids one in letting go of the sorrow so they can go on. We have eagles that traditionally have been the messengers to God so they may represent messages to our loved ones that have passed. And there are dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins, owls, pigs, fish, whales, and so many more.

And if you are into Chinese Astrology animals we usually have one or more of each of the 12 signs. Some are with us for a while and others keep changing. Come on in and check out what we have for you today!



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