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symbols: spirit animals

symbols: spirit animals II

Ted Andrews, Scott King, Steven Farmer, and Victoria Hunt are just a few of the names that are commonly associated with those "in the know" when it comes to the meanings behind animal spirit guides or animal signs in nature. As each of us learn from each other we also grow separately and I too have my own interpretations of the animal kingdom. When I see spirit animals around people I encourage them to read all of the above author's books as well as explore for themselves the true meanings of the animals they have with them. This is done by learning everything they can about the animal. If one sees, feels, knows, or is told by another they have a panther walking with them I encourage them to read about the animal in the books, but more important is do the research on the animal's habitat, food, and overall life. To know one's spirit guide, one must immerse oneself in the animal, become one with the animal. I explain that as you learn more and more about the animal within and around you, you will learn about yourself and all that you can be. The above authors might inform us that the panther is an animal of great power and leadership. It is, but it is so much more. It is also an animal of stealth and balance. And don't forget that the panther loves the chase just as much as the catch, teaching one to love the journey, not just the destination. Whatever you learn in the books can be built upon by your own searching. A horse is not just about freedom but also about partnership. To anyone who has experienced the friendship of a horse they know this from looking into a horse's eyes and seeing themselves.

Some have spirit or power animals that come and go quickly, others remain for a lifetime. To know or find yours there are meditations from Ted Andrews' books or Steven Farmer's books which are excellent. I also encourage people to just pay attention. If a picture of an animal comes up again and again in your daily activities, pay attention. They don't all run across the road in front of us. We all live in areas that have restrictions on what types of animals we see in the wild but there are no restrictions when a spirit animal is trying to get our attention. So, watch, listen, and feel your spirit animal. If you need a little assistance please stop at the shop when I am in and I will help if I am allowed. A spirit animal is so much more than omens and signs, they can be lifetime helpers and partners. And remember, whether a humble ant or soaring eagle, cheerful duck (yep, this is one of mine!) or playful otter, our spirit animals are all mighty and all one of a kind when in partnership with our own spirits!



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