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stones: tigereye

Like all jaspers, Spiderweb jasper is soothing. This one in particular can be used to sooth frayed nerves and lessen anxiety. A spider’s web itself speaks to the interconnectedness of all life, linked intricately with all Universal energies. To understand the web of life at a deeper level, and gain insight into why one might be feeling anxiety because of their interconnectedness, it is best to carry a spiderweb jasper. For best results hold the jasper in the hand several times a day to help lessen emotional strife. Whether manifested by the holder or by life’s many diverse energies surrounding them, anxieties will simply begin to melt away. The longer one works with and takes “time outs” with thespiderweb jasper the calmer life will feel.

Because of its deep connection to all of the processes going on around one’s life, this can be a lifeline in discovering what makes us empathic, and how we can be one with everything, and yet protect our energies from becoming frazzled or depleted. It helps to discover one’s place in the Universe, helping to find that specific role one must be in to be of service to the whole without losing oneself all together. For empaths there is no greater power than to be able to decipher what energy is their own and how to work with other energies rather than to be swallowed whole by those energies.

As with all jaspers, spiderweb jasper is also a protection stone during travel, whether physical or etheric (astral travel or dream states). Besides the relaxation that holding this stone brings, it has been known to stabilize or balance out one’s own overall energy. Jaspers are great nurturers and this stone proves to be no different! Life brings with it conflicts that arise and push us to be stronger than we ever thought possible. Along with enhancing our inner courage to make changes, this wonderful stone also imbues an element of creativity in making changes occur. If conflict or changes must be made, this is a great stone to hold in one’s hand to help create a more peaceful outcome or,
if needed, a gentle ending.

The Spiderweb Jasper we have on hand right now is light gray to almost white with black “spider web” stripes encircling them. There are some varieties of green or orange and red on the market with the same name. All three of these stones have similar properties but also have some very differing ones as well. As with all stone coloring this can relate to how one works with this stone. Usually the black and white is more earth connected coloring which can be a 1st chakra coloring. This is slightly different than red stones, that relate to the 1st chakra in regards to tribal energies, the black and white relates to the earth. This relation to earth’s energies gives the spiderweb jasper it’s grounding properties.

Those who are earth based personalities, that believe in taking care of earth’s rare and precious gifts, are generally drawn to this stone even more so than others. Those who have forgotten how important the earth is to our survival will benefit from this stone’s input of energy.

Jaspers in general are said to help with stomach ailments, as well as gall bladder and liver issues. This stone is also very good for those who have lost perspective in life due to their ego. When one is seeking courage to be who they truly are, or need grounding to deal with controlling the ego, or want to re-connect to the web of life; then the spiderweb jasper just might be your perfect stone!




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