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Hi all,
I recently read an article in which Oprah gets ridiculed in using the term “speak your truth”. I guess it seems there are many people caught up in the absolute definition of what “truth” is right now? Funny why that is? Telling the truth has always been important. I remember telling my daughters there was nothing worse they could do then lie to me. The truth is necessary in a world where we must trust one another.Trusting one another is necessary to survival at times. No wonder people get hung up if they feel someone is trying to change what truth is? But this simple direction to “speak your truth” has nothing to do with multiple truths.

Clearly not a new, trademark phrase that Oprah came up with as the “New Age” people have used this phrase, “Speak your truth”, quite a bit. Does that mean that we don’t know what the truth is? Does it mean we are advocating the use of “alternative facts”? Goodness NO! When we ask someone to “Speak their truth" we are asking them to tell their story. Everyone has a story about their life events and that's what makes it "their truth". You see there is no one else who could explain exactly how you experienced your life the way that you did. This is not about the facts as others see it. It’s not about saying, "I think the sky is turquoise or sea foam instead of blue, and that is my truth!"

That’s about perception as we could all see things just a bit different when looking at the very same thing. But we are asking a much deeper question of what makes someone special. We are asking someone to tell us how they became who they are. We are asking a question that will take that person to a much deeper sense of who they have become and what got them to that place. It certainly isn’t a simple or easy thing to ask and it requires a not so simple examination. It requires someone to bare all. It requires a story. And again,there isn’t anyone who doesn’t have a story.

“Speaking your truth” is sharing the experiences that made you who you are, the good, the bad, the ugly, or the beautiful. There is no one other than the individual themselves that can know their own story, or their own “truth”. It has nothing to do with changing the truth to fit into one’s own views. In fact, (or in truth!), the word truth in "Speak your truth" means "telling your story as only you could". Perhaps it would be less confusing to say, “Speak your story” or “Speak your life experience”. If we used it this way perhaps less people would get so confused? Unfortunately, “speak your truth” lately has been taken by some to be “tell us about your side to the terrible experience of sexual assault that you had”. It is sad, but true, that way too many have had these experiences, but using “speak your truth” has been misconstrued as meaning there are several “truths” behind the accusations. Instead of hearing “speak your truth”, what they hear is speaking “your” truth. What is not being understood is that speaking your truth is about everything that is you, not just telling about your tragic events. It’s just so much more. It has been a powerful mantra that leads to empowerment.

So if someone, whether a friend or maybe that small voice inside, says “Speak your truth”, then tell your story. Your story needs to be heard even if only by you. “Speak your truth” has nothing to do with facts in regard to what others  know to be true, scientific measurements, or expert analysis. Speaking your truth is not about changing the truth of matter or events as others see it. It’s about embracing your life. It’s about embracing who you have become. It’s about seeing the beauty that is you and being able to shout to the world that you clearly see the truth of how awesome you are! Speaking your truth is having the faith to become who you were meant to become by clearly and confidently telling the world where you have been, where you see yourself going and who you are right now! And most want to hear your story because it’s what made you so beautiful! So get out there and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

Until next time,



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