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stones: sodalite

stones: sodalite

Many people know that Sodalite is a great tool to aid meditation but not many know it is called the "Stone of Truth". The "Stone of Truth" is not an easy stone for one to carry if they intend to be anything but honest. This stone will simply not feel good to the bearer if they have any other intention other than truth, and if lies be told, it has been said that the bearer will feel a tightening in the throat chakra. Only with truth can this be healed.

It is very useful for emotional honesty and it has been known to help end arguments. It soothes hot tempers and brings calmness to a tense situation so that those involved can rationally see beyond emotions; therefore, this is one of the best stones to carry when entering into a discussion with someone that may lead to conflict. It might be wise if our world leaders would carry this stone at all times. Sodalite is not a rare stone, as the deposits seem to be many, with over 180 localities all over the world, including places such as Afghanistan, Greenland (where the Chameleon Sodalite is found, a green colored sodalite ), Namibia, Canada, and the largest deposits found in Brazil and South Africa. With such a vast amount of sodalite found in the world, it makes one wonder if truth is needed in great abundance as well?

Sodalite is found in several different colors such as gray, yellow, and green but these are rarely seen in gem shows as they lack popularity. No matter the color they are still potent in the metaphysical arena. Sodalite is most well known in the deep blue coloring with white calcite "veins" seen throughout the stone. Sodalite has been called the "poor man's Lapis" as it is generally more abundant and much less costly than high quality Lapis Lazuli. Occasionally the white or gray calcite is more difficult to see in sodalite but it is still fairly easy to tell apart from another dark blue stone called Lapis Lazuli, as it rarely contains any pyrite, as Lapis does.

Most people think of second or sacral chakra stones for helping with one's sexuality and issues relating to one's sexuality but the Sodalite is a great stone for healing in this area. As we know one of the most important sex organs is the brain and this is where the Sodalite, as a 5th and 6th chakra, stone excels. To know and decide what we want sexually comes from the 6th chakra and then to express what we desire is sent out through the 5th chakra. When healing from abuse or dealing with other issues relating to one's sexuality, the Sodalite is an excellent stone to work with.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone for artists, writers, singers and those needing to "kick-start" their muse because it is believed to be able to promote inspiration for creativity. It also provides emotional protection for those afraid to show their talents because they fear rejection or fear putting their "souls" out there in the form of their artistry. This beautiful stone not only brings inspiration to your heart but can help you find your own inner peace.



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