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stones: serpentine

stones: serpentine

Serpentine probably got its name because it is green and is usually scaly or patchy looking, appearing somewhat like a snakeskin. The green coloring can be a very light yellow-green to a deep olive green to even an almost black serpentine from Peru called Peruvian Jade. It is carved in abundance, throughout the world, as it is a medium soft stone. It is carved into animals, amulets, and sculptures. For many centuries, before the Roman Empire, it was considered a stone that would guard against disease and sorcery.

It is one of a handful of the best stones to bring peace to the mind in preparation and continuation of meditation. It helps one to create healthy boundaries. It stimulates the need to solve conflicts, but one must be careful not to just compromise solely for the sake of peace. It is a stone that aides one in calming themselves and reducing mood swings. It helps to balance the body when there is imbalance due to acidification. This is a wonderful stone for women as it aides in the reduction of menstrual pain and cramping. It also aides in relaxation, so that orgasms that appear to be unattainable due to stress and tension, may be reached.

The serpentine is found throughout the mountainous regions of the world but two in particular are said to have specialized functions above the other serpentines. The serpentine stone from the USA has been labeled by some to be the "stone of peace" as it creates an inner peace within the bearer, which in turn leads to easier conflict resolutions. The stone from South America is many times labeled as the "stone of protection" as it helps to enclose the wearer in a white light of protection. The beautiful serpentine stone of South America is also an aide in staying close to loved ones, both living and deceased.

Serpentine helps one to cleanse their auras of emotional debris and baggage and physically aides in the removal of parasites and toxins or poisons, especially snake venom.

It is one of the best stones to help facilitate the rise of the Kundalini. One should wear or place the stone as close to the crown chakra as possible to aid in this endeavor. It not only helps one with the rise of the Kundalini but also promotes a safe and "painless" avenue for the Kundalini to rise. For a wonderful explanation of the Kundalini try this website:

Besides what has been written above, the serpentine is one of the most beautiful stones that simply make ones heart feel well. There is no documentation of the physical attributes of helping with the heart, but when one holds the powerful serpentine in their hands, in is unquestionably a stone of the heart, as it is felt deeply within the chest and its vibration seems to beat with the rhythms found there.



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