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stones: selenite

stones: selenite

Selenite is one of the top 10 stones that we recommend for everyone. This lustrous, white mineral has a high vibration but feels much more subtle and calming than other minerals of similar vibration. It is worked with mostly for cleansing of other stones, environment, and people themselves but there is much more to this stone than providing peacefulness wherever it is placed. Selenite gets it’s name from the moon goddess Selene, most likely due to its white luster that is reminiscent of the moon.

Some stones resonate or have a vibration that works best with certain chakras. Selenite seems to be one of those stones that overlap chakras as one may find as many sources as types of selenite giving differing views on what chakra this stone resonates with. After reading dozens of books throughout the years it seems that there are three chakras that are mentioned the most. The third eye, crown, and 8th chakras are the three clearly in the lead which with my knowledge makes the most sense considering what a high vibration selenite has. All sources including my own agree completely that selenite provides the bearer with a sense of deep inner peace. 

There are many different forms of selenite and it is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth. One form called Desert Rose Selenite had an article of its own about a year ago in our newsletter. Spar or Satin Spar selenite is a very clear type and Ram’s Horn selenite is found in spirals. The more rare forms are clear selenites and also a type that grows in what is called “twinning”. Basically it looks like it is growing in different directions rather than one as is usually seen. These very rare forms are called many nicknames such as “fish tail, swallowtail, or angel wing”. The very large granular form, as can be seen in our store’s selenite near our radiator, is called Alabaster. All forms are of the gypsum family and are very soft with a hardness of only 2. All forms bring the same sense of deep peace and most likely the reason our shop is so serene feeling is the abundance of selenite we have. 

Besides clearing crystals, selenite can also be used to clear just about anything. I frequently put my jewelry on or by selenite to cleanse them of the energies they pick up. Selenite works differently than using quartz crystal to cleanse another stone as it brings another stone back to its original neutral state, meaning back to the energy it had before potential “programming”. So the only crystals you may not want to put next to your selenite would be those that you have programmed or aligned with particular work as the selenite will erase that from the crystal and bring it back to its neutral state. 

Besides the amazing cleansing attributes selenite possesses, it also aids peaceful dream states. It has been said that one should hold selenite just before sleep to instill restful lucid dreaming. It also helps one to remember the peaceful dreams with much more ease. The most remarkable of all its energy is perhaps the ability it is said to help people with in the arena of telepathy and tapping into the past and future. If wanting to try telepathy, apparently it will bring much more ease for each to be holding or wearing selenite. And although no one is granted complete access to future insight selenite helps bring glimpses of the future along with remnants of one’s past to further make decisions in one’s life a bit easier. In this regard it is sometimes referred to as the “stone of time travel”. The more translucent the selenite the more clarity one receives. 

Selenite has many attributes, but if only for the peaceful state that it provides for spaces and our inner selves, selenite is a stone for all. No matter the form that draws you, or the qualities you seek, Mind Body & Spirit will do its best to find yours today. See you soon! 




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