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stones: rhodocrosite

stones: rhodocrosite

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote an article about pink “love” stones that included rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodocrosite. I really want to give you more information on rhodocrosite in a separate article of its own. Contrary to what can be read in several books on gemstones and crystals, rhodocrosite is not as easily found as it once was. Its availability changes based on the market but sadly, some vendors are selling “copies” of this stone! So, there can be abundance one year --the market becomes saturated --then the next year the mines are depleted, or somehow compromised. Beautiful pieces are now bought up in large quantities which can be wonderful, but it is becoming more difficult to call rhodocrosite a “common” stone. Many sources have called it “common,” but through current research it sounds like it is more difficult to acquire. I say this because it is also a stone that is being copied and sold on the internet as rhodocrosite! Please, only buy from trusted sources. All stones have different vibrations. Lesser quality stones will have different energy due to other minerals that are included in the stone. Stones that are being sold under another name have the energies of the stone you bought---not the one you thought you were buying!

Please know MBS carries only the highest quality stones in our store. But now, you’re reading this article, and you might be wondering what you could use it for. Read on! Rhodocrosite is definitely considered a “love stone” but is so much more. It assists those with evolution of sexual energy from lust to passion and then further to a deeper spiritual connection. It helps the bearer find trusting relationships, whether romantic, friendship, or business partnership. Similar to rose quartz, rhodocrosite teaches compassion and encourages us to love ourselves before we can fully love another. When that special person comes into your life, wearing or carrying rhodocrosite can give an extra boost of confidence to express love without fear of rejection. We all know rejection can and still does happen. However, when love is present and secure within, there isn’t as much worry it will go away. Rhodocrosite is also known to help balance physical issues. It’s known as a “circulation stone” as it assists regulating the heart, blood pressure, and easing breathing difficulties such as asthma. It has been known to help eyesight, headaches, (especially stress-induced migraines) and easing anxiety due to nervous system imbalances. Rhodocrosite possesses other healing qualities. It helps ease abuse trauma from this lifetime or previous lives. This beautiful and wonderful stone not only supports our life functions, but it’s known to unblock psychic energy that balances emotions. Ultimately it not only helps the higher heart connect to the root chakra but also helps the crown connect with the higher heart.

Rhodocrosite is a meaningful addition to the stone collection or jewelry of blended families. It helps to alleviate worries about “not fitting in.” Whether for home or workplace this stone is great for bringing people back to the heart center: it helps us to understand that each person is where he or she needs to be on personal journeys, and this in turn creates peace in that understanding. 

*If you would like the highest quality rhodocrosite, MBS just received the beautiful carved hearts that we’ve waited five years to acquire! We will never see these beautifully carved hearts again as this stone has become highly sought after, as you now know. So it’s likely our rhodocrosite hearts will not be available again unless a new mine is discovered. These are truly exquisite! 

I’d like to leave you with one last thing I learned about rhodocrosite from “The Complete Crystal Handbook” written by Cassandra Eason. Rhodocrosite is utilized in helping find lost or missing animals! (Heart to heart connection.) Look for her book to learn about how this stone can help when you stop by to pick up your rhodocrosite. Don’t miss out! 



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