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inspiration: removing blocks

inspiration: removing blocks

I have been trying to write something for about a week and a half for the front page and can’t seem to see any clear path to that article. I have writer’s block. Everyone understands how blocks work for the most part. A block of any kind is generally something set up for the purpose of keeping something from passing through. You might come upon a road block or perhaps there is something blocking your way. But what I finally realized is blocks are actually only part of something bigger. We can “find” a block of time, or carve out a block of cake, or set up a city block. Someone can be a “chip off the old block” and one can be a block head. These are all parts of a whole.

If I could figure out what and where my block was then I could perhaps do something about it! What a concept?! I have all the power to make it happen! You see it isn’t that I couldn’t do anything about it but that I couldn’t identify it. I realized once again I do not have to bend to what is outside of me as I hold the power to create change within and around me. Here is where I began to examine what was keeping me from moving forward. I decided that it wasn’t that I couldn’t write, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to convey. I figured out that my writer’s block has been caused simply because the weather is phenomenal and I want to be at the lake every single minute! There it was, I didn’t WANT to write. That was my block. I could, I should, and I have something to say. But my block was that a part of me wanted nothing to do with anything that was going to keep me from the lake. And that part was my block.

How easy was that?!? I took a good hard look at what to do with this block of mine. Could it be moved? Did I need help? Would I have to find a way around it or would I need to push through it? So many choices. I decided to push through because the lake was calling. And then it occurred to me that I had the article right there in my lap all along. The article was about figuring out what to do with all those blocks that present themselves to all of us every day. If we keep in mind that these temporary (yes, I said temporary) blocks, to where we want to go, get in our way, we can do something about them! They are only bits of something bigger and are manageable. They can be handled and there is ALWAYS something we can do about them.

The next time you encounter a block that has you stopped dead on your path, do something about it. Instead of sitting down and giving up, look at the block closely. Can it be moved or maybe you must climb over or under? Can you handle it on your own, or is help needed to move it? What is it a piece of? Have you been chipping at something so big, for so long, that pieces keep falling and getting in your way? Does the larger whole need looking at or is it enough to do away with one piece at a time? Even the big things can be broken down and worked around. However you choose to deal with it, deal with it! If you don’t take a closer look, blocks can seem bigger than they really are and then we feel trapped. The sad thing is that many times these blocks are just before some of the biggest and best surprises in our lives happen. Some give up and some go get their picks and other gear. Don’t let any blocks stop you from moving forward. EVER! Go get your gear right now and start chipping away at what lies ahead! Identifying and removing my block got my article written on time. Removing, or chipping away at your blocks today might just help you discover your life!

Now that my block is gone, it’s LAKE TIME! Good luck with yours!



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