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stones: protection

stones: for protection

There have been many people who have visited us, in recent months, asking for protection stones. Perhaps it has increased in recent times because the economy has made more people sensitive to that which they fear or maybe there are more reasons to need to feel protected? For whatever the reason many people are asking, and we are here to help. Throughout the ages people from all different cultures and religions wear many different emblems, or jewelry (amulets) to protect themselves from many different things. But nothing has surpassed the possession or wearing of stones for a sense of security. It is in ancient writings and even some hieroglyphs show the wearing of stones for what scholars believe to be protection. Two of the very oldest protection amulets were made from amber and ammonites.

When someone comes in for advice on a protection stone first thing that we, the staff at MBS, ask is protection from what? Is it truly physical danger? Is it perceived fears or dream state fears? Is it psychic attack? (I say that last one apprehensively as I do not believe that anyone can psychically attack another unless there is some reason that the one being attacked allows it to happen, but perhaps one is allowing it and needs to be protected from that?) Is it protection during travel? Maybe it is protection around water? Or perhaps one needs protection from themselves? The list goes on….. Just as when one is sick and doesn’t know what is making them sick there is stress and anxiety. When one finds out what is making them sick they can then find out how to make themselves better. This is the same with fear and needing protection. When one finally looks at that fear, and identifies it clearly, many times that is all it actually takes to bring peace and security. Sometimes it requires a little assistance. Once the fear is identified the actual selection for a stone can begin.

I will say briefly that none of the stones have actual “magic powers” within them. (That might be something that would be debated with me!) The actual magic always lies within the individual. Stones help us to understand that we have the power that is needed to protect ourselves. Some would say that it is psychological then? Although that can be part of it this is not the case necessarily. Stones have frequencies, or what some call vibration. Some real magic I have seen in stones is when they call out to angels for assistance for someone, but then again this has to do with vibrations and frequencies as well. One particularly good story from a customer of ours was the story she tells of purchasing four black tourmaline to put in the four corners of her shop to protect it and the two stores on either side of hers, was robbed TWICE, and hers was not! Does she have a better security system advertised on the door? No. She had tourmaline that has a vibration that makes it difficult for those seeking harm to see. Some stones have a frequency that helps our brains or a part of our body align with and understand particular fears and what can be done about them. When it is clarified within us, then we “remember” how to protect ourselves. It is in the forgetting that gets us into trouble when it comes to danger. Whether psychically or physically, when danger is upon us we sometimes must act quickly to stay protected. The stones simply help us to remember how to do that for ourselves.

An example of what we all have, and have forgotten, is natural shields for protection. Sometimes they are “down”. When someone comes in that needs their shield “up” we suggest Chinese Flourite. Flourite provides a shield, or helps us to remember, through vibration, that we already have one and to get it working! If someone is going boating we might suggest an aquamarine as it keeps the brain alert to the dangers posed by falling overboard. In fact many seafarers of yesteryear use to wear aquamarine to protect against drowning. It won’t hold a head up out of the water once you fall in but it will help you to keep your senses ready to prevent falling in to begin with. If one does fall in it is there to help one remember how to swim as we all have that innate talent, we have just forgotten. And finally tiger eye was worn by many shaman to protect against the “evil eye”. What is the evil eye? Perhaps it is our third eye opening too quickly for us, not necessarily evil but unhealthy for us? Perhaps it is trickster energy that we can only see if functioning at the frequency of the tiger eye? It is these and perhaps many more. What I know for sure is that tiger eye has been a friend of mine more than once. Within this newsletter (below) I am listing what I believe to be some of the more important “protection” stones and what they are here to help with. This is not a complete list as there are hundreds. Please keep in mind that this is only a guide. It is within your heart that you find the truest answers and it is there that one must go when choosing the proper stone for them. I will end saying to all of you readers, what I have said to my daughters almost every time they are going to be away from me even if just for an evening, BE SAFE!!



for children: agates, especially blue of any kind as this brings in the angelic realm
from the evil eye: tiger eye, malachite, eye agate
shielding: fluorite, amber, sapphire
during travel (physical and metaphysical): yellow jasper, red jasper, green jasper
from depression: sunstone, citrine, rose quartz,
from entities that battle angels: seraphinite, celestite
from bad dreams: kyanite, amethyst, attuned clear quartz
from physical injury: sardonyx, agates, peridot, carnelian
during court battles: hematite, red jasper
from drowning: aquamarine, blue aragonite, moonstone (at night esp), rutilated quartz
from radiation: rutilated quartz, malachite
from not trusting oneself: rose quartz, amazonite
from bad luck: jade, agate
when a warrior is going into battle: ammonite fossil
from going into debt: pyrite, ruby, jade, diamonds
during childbirth: amber, moonstone, rose quartz, hematite
from emotional breakdowns: kunzite, green jaspers, lithium quartz, moss agate
from being hurt emotionally by someone you love: rhodonite
against cancer: watermelon tourmaline
from psychic attack: tourmalinated quartz, amethyst, attuned clear quartz, smoky quartz, and many black stones including but not limited to, black obsidian, apache tears, black tourmaline, hematite, onyx


from fairy mischief: staurolite
from mischievous mermaids: coral (both red and white)



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