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I just finished a program on Netflix called "The Story of Us" hosted by Morgan Freeman. It came up on my Netflix list after finishing "The Story of God", also a very good series with the same host. If you get the chance to watch, I would recommend these to anyone. (Be careful of watching with young children however as there are serious atrocities spoken about with images of people who have died that could be very disturbing for anyone, but especially children). The Story of Us is a series focused on people just like you and me. People loving, fighting, caring for some, killing others, challenged by doubt and fear, inspired by hope and courage, all trying to find their way. I discovered through this series, the truth that most conflicts or wars are about power one way or another. The power to have control over another, or what another has, has been at the root of most major conflict. Through it all, the power of the human spirit to be kind has managed to keep coming back up to the surface no matter how deep we get entrenched in the mud. Kindness is human. It's more human than having power over another, so why does power become so important? Because we forget how very important kindness is to our survival as humans. It's time we remember. We have a need for kindness, now more than ever.

A couple thousand years ago it seemed as if we had small families spread out on a giant planet. But we had one giant family that was dispersed throughout the planet we shared, learning how to be different so one day we could learn from each other how to love differences. Today we have one giant family closer together, with all those differences right up next to one another, on nearly the same size planet. I don't recall any truly spiritual leader telling followers to push aside those you don't agree with, kill those you fear, and seal yourselves up tightly because whatever you do, don't trust anyone that doesn't look like you, dress like you, or act like you. Some politicians might say it, some religious leaders as well, but not a Spiritual leader. The power of the human spirit to be kind is shouting to be heard. Some try drowning it out, but it can't be squelched. Innate human kindness, we all have inside us, will continue to fight, because it is more powerful than those who are fighting to be in power.

One of my very favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama is "My Religion is Very Simple, My Religion is Kindness". Religions should make basic human kindness the most important component to their dogma. It's too easily forgotten within their walls. Kindness is treated as if it's a given, but it's not. It's innate, but it still needs to be practiced or it weakens. I have heard many preachers on televised programs speaking about how God hates this, and God hates that. It isn't God doing the hate. It's a projection onto God of what the people hate, those who are different. This is what I actually hear them saying, "Those who are different must change, so let's find a way to make them be like us so we can feel safe. And let's use the Bible to make that happen." What happens when God's children are not getting along? What would a kind parent do to teach them to get along?

Many people call God, Father. Well, what would a father do with his children that are very different and can't seem to get along? Perhaps put them in a small room together to teach them how to get along? When the children are close together, they learn more about one another, and they find out how very much the same they really are. When that happens, they can be kinder to one another and learn to get along with one another, and then the lesson is over. Well, our planet is that small room now. When the Father sees that his children will take care of one another, and are kind to one another despite their differences, who knows what will happen? If one has faith enough in their higher power, Mother, Father, God, then one would believe that our planet will grow, or another planet will be found, or another miracle will take place? If we were all kind to one another just imagine the possibilities. It's time for those who say they believe, to believe, and it's time for us to master the lesson of kindness. It's time for our innate human kindness to be our super power. (There's an idea for Marvel.)

We have had a great deal of practice forgetting our human kindness. It's time we remember! I am challenging all of us to do one kind thing for someone, (double points for someone you don't know), every single day, beginning today! Get yourself a journal to keep track of the kindness you do. This isn't for bragging rights, it's for continued learning and it won't be as easily forgotten. I am going to begin my kindness journal as well! I guarantee it will generate even more kindness within your heart, and mine, and happiness won't be far behind.


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