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stones: pink tourmaline

stones: pink tourmaline

Pink or green tourmaline is not commonly asked for. Many ask for watermelon tourmaline, which is a pink tourmaline center surrounded by a green tourmaline outer layer that gives it the watermelon slice appearance. Watermelon tourmaline is a wonderful stone and very beautiful. Today we are going to its core to talk a bit about what the heart of the watermelon tourmaline has to offer- pink tourmaline- and perhaps why it should be asked for much more often.

Pink tourmaline is not just found at the center of watermelon tourmaline. It also most commonly grows all on its own from a matrix made up of pegmatite, a rare formation of minerals that can include quartz, feldspar, lithium, beryllium and others (For more geological info go to The pink tourmaline color ranges from an extremely pale pink to a deep reddish pink rose color that is sometimes referred to as rubellite. Just as several other pink stones this one has lithium in it which has been shown to help a great deal with calming for various reasons especially for mood stabilizing. Instead of having extreme highs and lows it aids in the quieting of emotions to create more balance. This balance begins within the higher heart and this is where the vibration should nearly mimic the pink tourmaline’s vibration. This stone carries within it the vibration that draws in joy, love, and happiness as it helps the body lift its own vibration to bring these in. Carrying these wonderful crystals helps one to allow life changing love to recreate us from the higher heart on through the rest of the chakras. It has been known to be even more powerful for calming spiritually sensitive and aware indigos.

When one is depressed many things happen within the body that work as a domino effect, which of course can create even more physical ailments that in turn create more depression. It is a terrible cycle that pink tourmaline has been known to break by lifting moods with its bright pink color and beautiful presence. Its energy is well known for allowing the bearer of the crystal to find their zest or passion for life and living once again. The crystal does this by aiding in the connection of the heart and crown chakras to work together in unison. When these chakras are in alignment it creates not an infatuation type of love but a continuing evolution of love and spirituality as one. When love and spirituality become one our passion for life increases and our purpose here becomes a bit more transparent.

There is much growth and change with our spiritual evolution on earth. The pink tourmaline acts as a sort of guide to light our way to enlightenment by aiding our understanding of ALL THAT IS and our connection to it. Rose quartz helps one to love oneself, rhodonite helps with the maturation of love, rhodocroisite aids in the passion for love, and pink tourmaline then helps one to TRUST love. It helps one find the way to heal a broken heart, and there is no better stone for finding peace and understanding in each other as well as in ourselves. This is something that is greatly needed, especially with all that has been going on around us recently. Pink Tourmaline is a great stone to give to someone to say you trust them and that they can trust you. Whether between friends, coworkers on a team, or lovers, sometimes it’s nice to know that someone has your back.

This crystal has been used to help heal a burned out endocrine system especially related to exhausted adrenal glands. Our world today is fast paced and there are many who have days where fight or flight reactions are common. It isn’t about running away so we don’t become lunch anymore. Our adrenal glands try and protect us from so many emotional roller coasters that they wear out. It is the soft vibration of the pink tourmaline that can bring balance once again to our emotional ups and downs. It aids in the healing of disorders of the heart, lungs, and some skin issues. The deep pink red color called rubellite helps to connect the base chakra and the higher heart to help heal family of origin strife. This healing takes place in the forgiveness of the wearer and isn’t about bringing the family together necessarily but healing past hurt so that a potential family reunion may be possible. With this darker pink crystal, creativity becomes a centerpiece of its potential attributes and is great for those preparing a body for new life to begin. It can also aid in healing the digestive tract as well as the reproductive system.

Pink tourmaline is a crystal for so many and it should be asked for more often. It vibrates at many different levels, depending upon the color chosen. The lighter the color of the crystal the higher the vibration will be. With this flexibility, pink tourmaline becomes the crystal to hold onto. It helps in the freedom to create within oneself all that is desired and all one can be, and it guides one to find the kind of love that can be trusted to share it with.



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