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Paulette Lucas

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Paulette Lucas
Spiritual Counseling and Clairvoyant Readings
Days of Service
Paulette typically provides services through the Mind Body & Spirit store on Mondays & Fridays. See the calendar for specific dates. Call Mind, Body & Spirit at 203-9630 to schedule an appointment.

$150 per hour
$80 per half hour
$20 extra per person coming into the reading

Service Description
You can expect the following during a session with Paulette:

  • compassionate, intuitive, truthful and gentle insight
  • nonjudgmental assistance with moving forward and making decisions
  • access to those who have passed over
  • spiritually-guided insight to finances, love, business and family ventures
  • inner personal/child work
  • empowerment from connection with your Higher Self, angels and spirit guides
  • assistance with moving through a painful past/present

About Paulette
A warm and delightful person, Paulette is a clairvoyant, trance medium, and empathic. She is a spiritual counselor who has been reading for 19 years, working with spirit guides, angels, and deceased members who have passed over. Paulette attended St. Benedict’s University graduating in 1974 with a degree in psychology and sociology. She worked as a therapist for 20 years, lecturing and providing individual and group therapy. Paulette has worked with a variety of teachers and has traveled widely across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Peru, England and Greece visiting power centers across the globe to develop spiritual awareness.

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