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inspiration: our dreams

inspiration: our dreams

Scores of things have become very clear to me lately. Nature must be respected. Weather can’t be controlled nor entirely predicted- a truth more evident with each passing season. People are people; most want only to be happy and loved. And the true place one can find joy is within. The dreams within our hearts are all possible, but sometimes may need to be flexible.

I just spent a little over two weeks in Alaska with family. One of these family members is a six year old named Hailey. She is energetic to say the least! We probably all had plans and dreams for our trip. I know that Hailey wanted to see her Mom, (who is working there for the summer) and ride horse in Alaska. Seems easy, right? Her Mom could not take too much time off from work and so Hailey couldn’t see her as much as she wanted. But for Hailey, that dream did come true. We tried and tried to make horseback riding a reality for her. With the shortage of hay in that area recently, horses are now difficult to come by. But she didn’t give up. We found a horse somewhere unexpected and she was able to ride. Even though what she really wanted was for all of us to ride off into the mountains together, she was ecstatic to get the chance to ride at all. Instead of a 15 minute walk around the designated area, the gal took Hailey out for about a 40 minute ride much further. It turned out so much better than she imagined! She dreamt, it happened, but not exactly how she wanted. She didn’t see any difference! That is more how we could strive to have our dreams be? Her dreams came true…just not perfectly. 

Sometimes we don’t want to accept it when we feel our dreams are not coming true, and we want to get away for a time. It’s healthy and it’s ok. But we can’t run away. That is different from a get-away. Running is giving up, abandoning all hope that those imaginings might be within our reach. Are any of us really prepared for that? We all need our dreams. When they are not what we expect then perhaps we should change the idea, not try to change what we perceive to be keeping the dream from becoming real. Our happiness, our lives, and our dreams not being what we want cannot be blamed on others. It can only be blamed on us not being flexible with those innermost wishes. 

Do you dream of horseback riding? A trip to Alaska? Maybe your wish is a new pet, or new love. It could be as simple as a long weekend to yourself. There are so many opportunities just around the corner to help us achieve even the smallest of dreams, if only we could see our dreams another way. If only we could see them as flexible, fluid. If only we could see them as achievable. 

So here is to all the dreamers, who want to “get-away” from it all, like me. Go ahead and get away. Go ahead and dream like Martin Luther King Jr., imagine like John Lennon. Be flexible if some dreams don’t come true, perhaps trust there is a reason you don’t yet understand. Maybe suddenly you will find that life is going exactly as it is meant to. Take a breath and look to your heart…maybe your dreams have already come true?! Maybe you couldn’t see it all along, because you were waiting for everything to turn out just perfectly. Keep dreaming! 



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