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stones: ocean jasper

stones: ocean jasper

I wrote a short piece on Ocean Jasper once before but thought it was definitely a stone worth revisiting, of course I think they are all worth revisiting again and again. Some of the information may be repeated from previous articles, and some of it may be new, but there is no question that Ocean Jasper should be a part of everyone's collection. If they are interested in the world's most beautiful stones and everyone should have them for their wonderful healing qualities as well. This stone was just found at the turn of the century and can be put on the still "brand new" list as far as finds go. It is found in only one place in the world, a mine off the coast of Madagascar near Marovato on the Ambolobozo Peninsula. It is called Ocean Jasper because it can only be reached by boat and can only be removed during times of low tide as it is otherwise covered by the ocean. It is a type of "orbicular jasper" because it most often has tiny spheres or "orbs" of color throughout the entire stone.

Ocean jasper resonates with the solar plexus and it can help one to release deeply buried feelings. It helps one feel safe while releasing these emotions that perhaps have been held onto for many years. It has been said to be one's anchor in the storm of life. When life is tossing one around, as if they are at sea during a typhoon, they will still feel steady and feel like they cannot drown. Once the old emotions are released to the surface, Ocean Jasper helps us look at them differently and helps us realize that they were not as important as they seemed when they were bottled up inside. Not everyone needs such deep emotional work and those who have done their heavy work and feel they don't need such work, at this time, will enjoy Ocean Jasper's soothing, grounding effect that has been said to help one with change and still gives one that feeling of being safe, and who doesn't want that?

We have always had some beautiful Ocean Jasper available at the shop but we just recently procured some real beauties that our "Rock Guy' almost wouldn't part with. Merri and I have had a very difficult time picking our own for our personal collections as they are all one of a kind and are striking and feel wonderful! We will be bringing out the beauties very soon, so keep watching for them! 



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