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inspiration: being at peace

Hi all, We are at the beginning of a new year and I don’t know about all of you but I am hoping and praying that 2018 is a bit calmer, a bit lighter, and a lot better! But why do I feel that way? Why do I hold any expectations for a new year? After all, do I not create my own reality? Isn’t it I who can change the direction of my sails if my ship isn’t going the way I want it to? Perhaps we hear those things so often that we forget that sometimes we need to just hold on tight because we don’t always have as much control as we think we might!? And sometimes we have more control than we think! We might not have control over the choices that others make but we do have control over how we think and act. We have control over what we do with what gets thrown at us. And the most important thing to remember is not to be so hard on yourself when you fail in your thoughts or actions, because as I said we don’t always have complete control. We can’t always be a leader, other times we MUST be leaders.

We teach a lot of ideas in the “new age” philosophy. We have taught that one need not allow certain aspects of negativity into their life. We teach that it is our decision what kind of life we choose to live and then we can make it happen. We speak of making choices before we came to this earthly existence. We all made choices about what we wanted to learn while here, but we were in Spirit form, so a bit of understanding is necessary. We sell books about attraction and how what we put out, into the universe, comes back to us. And I know I am always telling people to not blindly follow anyone! We must look to our leader within to decide who to trust because we must trust ourselves before trusting anyone else. I believe whole heartedly that all of this is true and makes sense. It also puts a lot of pressure on us. Sometimes that’s okay but when we really don’t have control, for whatever reason, when is it time to “let go and let All That Is” handle it? And when is it time to step forward and be a leader? When do we have control and when do we not? This can be difficult to decipher but this I believe is the reason why we teach what we do. It is all about empowerment. When we can make a difference we must. When we need to step away we must. When we need to know the difference we check within and we check in with the Universe.

We must remember we are all leaders in a way and that we make a difference every day. By the choices we make every single day to choose kindness instead of malice, we are leading. We lead when we show others that fear does not have control over us. We show others how to lead when we encourage them to step up and do what they think they cannot do. A true leader empowers others without discouraging. Great leaders never need to have control over others because they lead by example. Also the greatest of leaders make their followers stronger, never weaker! And all can be leaders. But when is it ok to be a follower? You will know. When is it ok to be a blind follower? Never!

There are times when we can step aside and merely observe because that is what we are called to do. You see, the voice inside comes from All That Is. When we check inside ourselves for answers we are checking in with God, Buddha Philosophy, Allah, Universe, or Great Spirit, etc. We have a direct line to All That Is because we are a part of All That Is. So when that voice inside is pushing you to be a leader and speak up, then you must speak up! When the voice inside is calling out to you to follow, then follow. When the voice inside tells you to rest because there is nothing you can do right now but hold on, then hold on tight and trust it’s going to be okay. But we must listen to know what to do. In trusting our inner voice to let us know when it is time to lead, follow, or step away we are empowered. Try not to play guessing games with this because it can be very discouraging, disappointing, and aggravating to go down that rabbit hole! It really is simple. If you listen to and feel what’s going on inside yourself, the answers are there. It is simply there. Then act because you have that ability to do what must be done. When changes are needed there are three choices. Pray, Follow, or Lead. These may change from time to time so it’s not a one-time check in!

We all have a role in making 2018 a better year. Even if you were not like me and loved everything about 2017, things can always be better. 2018 can be better or it could be worse, it could be a year that slips by without meaning or a year that made our entire life worth living. What we do makes a difference in 2018 for ourselves and others. So, here’s to the end of just hoping 2018 is better and here’s to doing our part to make 2018 better than any other year! Lead if you must, follow if you are called, sit still if needed, and prayer helps all three. So check inside, and then do what you must to be the difference, make a difference, or manifest a difference for even better!

Happy 2018 to all, Namaste.




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