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stones: malachite

stones: malachite

Malachite is a popular stone for a couple of big reasons. It is extremely beautiful, with its two-tone green concentric rings, swirls, stripes, and amorphous patterns. It also provides aid in the release of and protection from toxins. But this green wonder has so very much more to offer.

Although this green, heart chakra stone has a high copper content and so would seem to resonate with the element of earth, it is actually water that is Malachite’s resonating element. That’s because of its wavy appearance and the way its energy circulates around us, creating a “washing” of sorts that releases toxins built up in our systems.

The green ray encourages growth as well as creativity, but the vibration can be very powerful so be careful to prepare for it as it can bring up surprising emotions. Because of its makeup, Malachite grounds creative forces that come from the heart and connects this creativity from soul to heart to mind.

Throughout time, Malachite has been used for decorating walls and pillars in temples and castles, especially with inlaid work. And like the stone Lapis Lazuli, it was cherished by royalty and often ground into powder for paints or eye shadow.

Although Malachite was once found in some areas of Russia, it is now mostly found in Africa near Zaire. Collectors of all levels seek hand-polished specimens and animal carvings.

Some of the extra-special perfect concentric circles within Malachite are from crosscuts of stalactites. These more rare formations are called “Peacock’s Eye.” Because of this connection with the peacock, and the peacock’s connection to the Phoenix, there is an element of rejuvenation to Malachite’s healing abilities.

Physically, Malachite has been known to help detoxify the liver, stimulate the brain, alleviate sexual dysfunction and relieve menstrual cramps or pain associated with other ailments such as rheumatism. It aids in strengthening the immune system and has been said to help shrink tumors caused originally by toxins or afflictions of the 4th chakra.

Malachite works as a buffer to toxins and is especially helpful against radiation and toxin buildup from electronics. But surprisingly, although it aids in protecting against toxins, Malachite is a toxic substance itself because of the high level of copper it contains. It is made safe through polishing and covering with a resin. But the resin, as well as the Malachite itself can be broken down or harmed by extreme heat, acids, ammonia, and intense hot water.

When making jewelry or carvings, you should ensure sufficient ventilation and masking if available. Also, this stone should never be used in tinctures or ingested. Even something as harmless as infusion with water can cause illness. The resin coating that makes Malachite a safe stone can have weak areas where water can seep in and then flow back out releasing the copper into the water. And finally this stone should not be worn by those with heart illness for long periods of time as it has been known to increase heart rate and could be harmful.

As with most stones this one doesn’t just help with physical issues. It also helps us feel emotions deeply and release painful past memories such as childhood trauma. If you are seeking adventure in life, this stone will help make that a reality by bringing creativity and extra energy to these thoughts. It encourages healthy relationships and awakens and balances the heart chakra. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, Malachite will assist in the decision to leave the relationship behind.

Malachite has been called the “Keeper of Dreams” because if you put it under a pillow or close to your sleeping area, it will keep the memories of your dreams until you’re ready to have the knowledge. When you are ready the recall will happen fully. It is also a wonderful stone for the elderly as it will help one to recall memories long thought forgotten and can bring peace in older age.

We have many different forms of Malachite at the shop. Please come on in and ask us to assist you with finding the one that “belongs” to you! Everyone can benefit from having Malachite within their collection of healing stones.



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