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We just received some amazing agates from Madagascar and they will be out on the floor the first part of January. Purchased several years ago by a collector, we just happened upon them by chance. They are extra special, with a great price for their size and beauty. Don't miss out as they are limited! 

As with all agates, these vibrate to a much slower frequency than other microcrystalline quartz. The reason for this is the wonderful banding, layers, and eyes within the agates. These beautiful characteristics of agates teach us to slow down and allow ourselves to be at peace with that pace. The energy of the agate is steady but because of their slow frequency it takes a while for the effects to be known. Overall, agates have been known to be healers of wounds, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They help to enhance concentration, creativity, and spiritual maturity. They are known as highly protective stones, especially for pregnancies and for children. All agates help one regain memories so that experiences can be analyzed to find understanding of what happened and why. Agates have been known to aid digestion, bring relief of gastritis, and service as a mild anti-depressant. Besides the slow and steady stabilizing effects on health, the agate also helps us all to have understanding and unconditional love for others, something the world needs more and more.

The Madagascar agate is special in its ability to help encourage positive thoughts and take control over negative thinking. These agates have a soothing feel to them, but since they are born of fire they also bring passion to one's life in very creative ways. They also have been known to aid Universal understanding and finding one's own deeper meaning to life.

These agates are found only in the West Central Coast of Madagascar, where it is difficult to traverse, taking upwards of a couple of days travel to get to the fields where they are mined by hand. There are over 90 species of animals living on the island of Madagascar, which are found nowhere else on earth. The Madagascar agates are as unique as the Island they come from, displaying patterns that remind each of us how exceptional we all are. Some South American Shamans have worked with agates for easing astral travel and opening doorways to other planes. Fans of the series “Outlander” may find that especially enchanting, since it is said that the Madagascar is one of the agates used for this type of travel. Stonehenge is also known to be one notable doorway. The way to find these is to reach a deep meditative state with the Madagascar agate upon one's chest, nearest the heart. It has been said that only those of pure spiritual intention may find the way to travel. In turn, those who are doing so for personal gain will find that the stone will turn lifeless and cold in their hands.

This agate has been known to be a great protector from bad dreams, especially having to do with that of which we have no understanding in this lifetime. Just as with other agates the combination of the first chakra coloring added to the quartz, even if microcrystalline, helps with the feeling of safety and being taken care of by our tribe. This feeling of belonging and safety created within us as we hold the Madagascar agate helps aid new beginnings. Just as agates grow, for the most part, from the walls of their cavity inward, we too will be drawn more towards going within for our answers. Bands weaved throughout the stone remind us all that life is not a straight line. The way our lives wind around and sometimes take us down many directions just adds to the beauty in our lives. With the flowing richness of the layers of this agate comes the feeling we have the freedom to be who we were meant to be. Keeping the Madagascar agate close by will allow us to feel this freedom within ourselves.

Layer by layer over time, agates were slowly formed in gas bubbles existing in lava millions of years ago. This knowledge teaches us that we too grow layer upon layer with time and we need not be in a hurry. Steady growth and a fulfilling journey forward is what makes life worth living. The Madagascar agate is a great reminder that no matter how much beauty we can see on the outside of agates, and people as well, there is so much more hidden within!    


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