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stones: love & passion

stones: love & protection

Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite, and Rose Quartz are three stones that are mentioned quickly when one asks the question, “What is a good stone for love? ” Just like other stones that have similar qualities, they each have their own unique vibration for unique expressions of love. There is a stone for every desire in love and every stage of love. While Rose Quartz would be the best choice for compassionate, unconditional love of oneself, Rhodocrosite might be the best choice for a relationship full of fun and creativity, with a higher degree of passion. If one is looking for love that is balanced and has an element of grounding such as with mature love, then Rhodonite might be just what one is looking for. Passion has very different definitions for many different people.

Passion is often thought of in relation to sexual intimacy by some, others may find that passion within a relationship is about the sharing of one’s life adventures with another, and still there are those that find that passion is about never letting go and with the proper balance in one’s life a relationship can go the distance.

Rose Quartz is one of those stones that almost everyone recognizes. The “pink” quartz that is found in many places the world over would be considered the stone of empathy out of the three. It is particularly helpful with heartache or heart “break”. It encourages self-love and reconciliation, with oneself and others, for pain caused in the past. Rose Quartz aids understanding when understanding is difficult. It also helps one to open their heart to the possibility of love again when one has been hurt within a relationship of any kind. Carrying Rose Quartz in one’s pocket will aid in the discovery that one is enough and a relationship is not needed to feel complete; feeling complete can only come when one loves themselves. When the time comes that one is open to a partnership then having Rose Quartz in the bedroom can help with the courage to risk loving another.

Rhodonite is a “pinkish” stone with black markings that helps to balance the heart chakra, making it possible for the heart to both open and ground its energy at the same time. This slight grounding is the type of energy one feels when in a mature relationship. But this stone is no slouch in the heavy passion arena either! It is the astrological birthstone for Scorpios (and anyone who has a Scorpio in their life knows passion!). It is a stone to activate love energies and like Rose Quartz it aids in the recovery from hurt such as betrayal and abandonment. This stones grounding energy also helps to nurture brotherhood and make one feel safe in the presence of love. Those who have high anxiety around those who they love should carry this stone to soothe those emotions. The calming energy will then help to bring balance to those relationships so they may become supportive once more. Rhodonite was derived from the Greek word for rose, “Rhodon”, and the rose is known to be an expression of the emotions of love. Rhodonite was routinely given as a wedding gift in Russia with the pink color representing the lover’s passion for one another and the black to represent the grounded worldly things one needs for a lengthy partnership such as loyalty, prosperity, and protection.

Rhodocrosite is like the other two pink stones in that it aids healing from loss and loneliness, heartache and betrayal. But this stone has a bit more childlike energy running through it. This creates a fun purpose. It creates spontaneous actions within the bearer and is a wonderful aid in creativity, both of new life and new dreams. Rhodocrosite is the best of the three to help with emotional scarring from incest or other abuse, especially when it occurred in childhood. It strengthens emotional expressiveness, friendship, and like all three stones it aids self-love. It creates a positive outlook on life, enhances the dream phases, and helps one feel closer to their spiritual energy. The next time you are looking for an aid in finding love, whether it be a healing love, a mature love, or something with a little fun, you can come on in to Mind Body & Spirit and pick up a Pink Pebble and find out which one is for you and your love!




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