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stones: lemurians

stones: lemurians

I first heard the name Lemurian Seed Crystal back before Merri and I ever dreamed of Mind Body & Spirit. I was truly cynical about the “Seed Crystals” that were “planted” by the people of the lost civilization of Lemuria. It sounded a lot like someone had just watched an Indiana Jones movie and made something up! Were these “new” crystals just quartz given a new name and story to help sell more quartz? Until I met enough people who knew about the energy of stones and crystals and until I really worked with crystals and other stones for a while, I assumed quartz was quartz. Then Merri and I visited Mount Shasta, where there is a lovely shop with an on-hand expert on Lemurian Seed Crystals. That little shop had an attic area that was filled with a couple HUNDRED boxes of these wonderful tools of light. Merri and I sat down to play and that is when we found out, or rather felt, they were for real.

What are Lemurian Seed Crystals? They are single quartz “seeds” planted by the ancient people of Lemuria just before both Atlantis and Lemuria disappeared. These seeds are said to speak to all other quartz crystals on the planet in response to earth’s dilemmas as they all try to heal the planet. Each one of these seeds are called such as they were first found by themselves and not in clusters as other points most often are. They hold knowledge of humanities beginnings and information on how to heal ourselves and our planet. They are crystals with great intensity and must be held to appreciate them. It is said that Lemuria and Atlantis were filled with very different people. They both included good people but with a very distinct difference. Atlantians preferred numbers, mathematics and intelligence when it came to how they healed and solved problems or how they related to each other. Lemurians were drawn to healing through their hands with great compassion and intuition. The Lemurians were the peace keepers who wrote down the stories and so they were also called the record keepers. The Atlantians were a very proud people who made many new discoveries and moved forward quickly in advancements to make lives easier through architecture and other mathematical innovations. They were a very intelligent race except they were too greedy and wanted more and more. The Lemurians were content with what they had and spent much of their time in planning for civilizations to come, as they knew that eventually the Atlantians would create their demise. This is exactly what happened. Atlantians were not a “bad” people but there were people within their tribe that did not want to sacrifice advancement for a chance they may be hurting themselves or the planet. In the end, both civilizations were gone. But before they were gone, the Lemurians had already seeded the planet with information from both civilizations to help us do better.

These Seeds were meant to be found at the perfect healing time for earth’s people and earth itself. They began to appear steadily in the 20th Century, knowing that the earth and its people needed them the most at this time. They began sending out a warm, yet powerful signal and the first ones were found on a mountain in Brazil. Separated from one another but almost sprouting from the ground as if beginning to grow upwards, these crystals began finding their people.

They are recognized by their matt and almost dull appearance which does not give any indication of the light and energy within these gentle “beings” of knowledge. When held they can be felt throughout the entire body. The energy seems to affect people in many different ways. Some smile as if they have come home. Some cry. Some don’t feel anything but they have a “knowing” that the crystal is theirs. It is almost as if the Lemurians were able to imbue the seeds with their compassion and love for all as well as immense knowledge of so much more. This wisdom would only be received by the individual who would be able to access it when they held “their” crystal. The crystal will find you when you are ready. Is there only one per person? I have never had that answered when I have asked. I would imagine there are some individuals who have more to do than others so perhaps they need more seed crystals? I’m just not sure.

One more really unique thing about these crystals is they have striations on them that hold information in codes like a UPC symbol would. These codes are said to send information at a very deep level . The person who is meant to receive it will someday put into action what must be done to help heal the past, which in turn heals the present. To download information from the crystal, just do a simple “scanning” with your hand back and forth over the “UPC Code” while touching the crystal. The information won’t come rushing in as if you just listened to a book on tape. That might be too much for some and even though it was time to find the crystals, perhaps it isn’t quite time to use the knowledge within them?

Besides the dullness and codes there is another unique characteristic that is not necessarily always the case but very often these crystals have a very slight pink hue. I feel this is because they are filled with so much compassion they must resonate as the rose quartz does with the higher heart. It is only a theory.

The Lemurians had to leave but the gifts they left us are calling out for all to hear. It is said that each person will hear the call of “their” crystal. We have witnessed this, ourselves, here at MBS. In well over 14 years now we have never had to put our larger Lemurian Seed Crystals on the shelves in the store. We have sold ALL of them from the back room. It has been a wild phenomenon to watch people come in and ask if we carry these crystals right after we have brought some into the building. They never make it to the floor. We have sold MANY larger seed crystals but they have been asked for, and not seen. Perhaps you have been hearing the call and come in and are not sure why? Well it could be because we just recently got about 20 or so seeds and they are waiting for their people to come pick them up.

Now for the first time the crystals we received are asking us to release them to the shop and not keep them in back. These Lemurian Seeds were hand brought by people from Brazil directly to our shop and did not go through any vendors to make their way here. They have been sending out their energy. They have been calling out. Listen closely because maybe your Lemurian Seed Crystal has made its way to you now and is waiting. It is definitely time for healing. It might soon be time for action?



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