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Jurema Silva

During this time of uncertainty, Jurema will be doing ONLY phone or video appointments. Her hours will stay the same but she will not be doing any in person readings. You can call and book your appointment or schedule online as usual. Thank you for your understanding. 

Intuitive Readings|Spiritual Counseling
Brazilian Energy Healing

Days of Services
Jurema provides services through Mind, Body & Spirit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Services also available on select Saturdays. Call Mind, Body & Spirit at 320-203-9630 to schedule an appointment. Sessions are also available in Portuguese and Spanish. 

Services and Prices

Intuitive Readings| Spiritual Counseling
$95 | ½ hour     $150 | 1 hour     

A reading with Jurema is uplifting, accurate, exciting and inspiring. Channeling her spirit guides and her ascendant master, Jurema “scans” your energy field and becomes aware of your true past, present and future. She works from a place of love and compassion to help individuals seeking guidance and answers in moments of doubt, pain and despair.

Spiritually guided, Jurema addresses issues concerning your physical, mental and emotional difficulties and also your soul characteristics and qualities. This is a unique opportunity to express and clarify your concerns, feelings, doubts and unsettled emotions. Jurema’s readings give guidance and ancient teachings to help you in various aspects of your life, including access to those who have passed away and guided insights related to finances, romance, family, spirit guides and angels, past lives and much more.

Throughout the years, Jurema has been helping, guiding and teaching individuals, couples, families and children with successful results. Her spiritual knowledge and accurate clairvoyant powers bring you awareness and enlightenment to the infinite possibilities and opportunities in your future.

Guided Brazilian Energy Healing | $145 | 1 hour

Energy Healing is an alternative therapy that can transform, enhance, empower and re-charge the invisible force that surrounds your physical being, the aura. This unique and powerful method is a combination of several Brazilian healing methods, ancient intuitive medicine and various hands on healing practices.

This system is a correlation of the human chakra patterns (flow, structures and symptoms) with the causes of physical illness, emotional turmoil and psychological trauma. The session provides physical, mental and emotional health by balancing and opening blocked chakras, releasing physical pain and supplying a flow of positive and vibrant energy. Assisted by her celestial guides and angels, Jurema outlines messages to clients regarding any immediate changes in lifestyle, such as diet, physical activities and the release of old traumatic emotions from the past. If necessary, she will educate the individual on daily practices to improve mental and emotional health.

Each session is unique and spiritually catered to the client’s needs. Jurema has treated individuals dealing with difficulties, ranging from physical illness, emotional distress, psychological trauma, and behavior dependency to depression, stress and other related problems. She has also successfully treated clients before and after major surgery, minimizing the physical and emotional pain of the surgical procedures and promoting a faster healing. 

Combination Intuitive Reading | Energy Healing | $195 |1.5 hours

About Jurema

Jurema Silva is a charismatic, sincere, warmhearted, gentle and lovely woman, totally devoted to her mission as spiritual healer. She grew up experiencing and witnessing spiritual healing in her native country, Brazil. Healing body, mind and spirit through herbs, home remedies, prayers and rituals was part of her everyday life. The diversified cultures and beliefs found in her fascinating country contributed to her development of profound and vast spiritual knowledge.

Over the years, as she experienced and exercised spiritual healing through her own life sufferings and trials, Jurema developed deeper understanding and compassion for others and their limitations, pains and difficulties. This strong empathy prompted her quest to search for alternative and complementary solutions to help individuals navigate through the process of achieving a long-lasting, joyful life.

Nearly thirty years ago, Jurema brought to the U.S. the wisdom and the spiritual healing practices from ancient native traditions of the Amazon, the Spiritism Doctrine, African rituals, Christianity and the serenity of Asian beliefs – all found in Brazil. She adapted and transformed these ancient teachings to our modern society and re-discovered alternative methods to promote and teach how to enjoy a life free of fear and full of self-confidence. Her goal is to empower positive thinking and find the root cause that limits the flow of continued well-being. Crystals, essential oils, personal and home cleansing rituals, spiritual counseling, and energy healing are just a few of her amazingly wide range of practices.
Traveling around the world, Jurema had the opportunity to learn and experience different faiths, rituals and healing traditions that enhanced her knowledge and expanded her natural ability to inter-connect with people from various ethnicities and beliefs. Her vast spiritual background, her clairvoyant powers and her natural charisma provide a gratifying and uplifting experience. Her mission is to bring physical, mental and spiritual balance – to help alleviate emotional pain and teach individuals how to open doorways to connect with their inner self.
Jurema holds a bachelor degree of arts in communication and journalism. She is ordained as a holistic pastoral healer. She is a Reiki master/teacher, energy healer and trained aromatic kinesiology practitioner. Jurema is also a jewelry artist and designer.

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