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Joan Stokes

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Joan Stokes
Animal Communication and Spirit Animal Readings
Days of Service

Joan typically provides services through the Mind Body & Spirit store on Mondays and Thursdays. See the calendar for specific dates. Call Mind, Body & Spirit at 203-9630 to schedule an appointment.

$95 for one hour
$50 for a half hour

Service Description

Animal Communication
As an animal communicator, Joan:

  • assists in finding lost pets if they feel they need or want to be found.
  • translates information from the past lives of animals.
  • offers empathic intuitive medical advice.
  • serves as a voice between people and their animal companions.
  • teaches others to discover and harness the animal communicating abilities within us all.
  • helps clients understand the basis for emotional and behavioral issues experienced by their animal companions.
  • identifies Spirit Guides/Animals that are with other animals or people in the spirit realm.

Spirit Animal Readings
Spirit animals can be very powerful in our lives when we bring them into our consciousness and ask them for assistance. Joan will help you to find yours—sometimes she is even able to "see" them around you. 

About Joan
Joan grew up in a rural setting with many animals and has a great love for all creatures. As a young child, she talked to animals and actually thought everyone did. Joan earned an associate in applied science degree from the University of Minnesota, Waseca, and spent one semester at the Veterinary College in St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating, she worked for over 20 years at several veterinary hospitals in Minnesota.  

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Contact Joan
320-203-9630 or


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