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Jennifer Thompson

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Jennifer Matteo-Holtz

Certified Professional Tarot Reader & Spiritual Life Coach

Days of Service

Jennifer typically provides services through the Mind Body & Spirit store on Wednesdays, Thursdays & select Saturdays. See the Mind Body & Spirit store calendar for specific dates. Call Mind, Body & Spirit at (320) 203-9630 to schedule an appointment.


Intuitive Reading | 20 minutes: $40
Intuitive Reading & Coaching | 30 minutes: $65
Intuitive Reading & Coaching | 60 minutes: $120

Service Description

My main purpose in life is to help others heal from trauma, fear, and limiting beliefs. I do this through coaching you towards creating your true SELF MASTERY.

Assisting you to heal your heart and soul is my primary goal. I use my Intuition and Tarot as a way to guide you towards the dis-creation of your limiting beliefs and recreation of your own personal MASSIVE MANIFESTATION. The Tarot aids me in showing you what I psychically perceive.

Topics we can deal with include: loss of loved ones, divorce, break ups, communication issues, depression, P.T.S.D., weight management, stopping smoking, career coaching, life purpose, finding your true love, self-love and medium-ship.

I strive to cover ALL aspects of life and death including past, present and future occurrences.

I attempt to share the incredibly detailed insights I receive. I am known to be very straight forward in a compassionate way. The intuitive visions I receive, on your behalf, will help illuminate the positive aspects of your pathway in life. Understanding your pathway in life provides clarity to aide you to make choices with confidence and assist you to move forward to fully embody your life's purpose. This process will help you release the negative energy that is keeping you from your happiness. Increasing Love, Joy, Money, Health, Relationships, Career and Connections to Loved Ones are all possible.

I am available: in person, video chat, phone call, group sessions and gallery readings.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and starting our friendship.


Jennifer Thompson


Retainer of Services Agreement

It is my pleasure to meet your intuitive guidance needs. My business is expanding such that all clients are required to pay a $20.00 retainer deposit to hold and cement your appointment time with me via these three secure payments options; PayPal email, Venmo Text, or Square Card application via personal cell conversation by calling me at 320-292-9529 leave a message or feel free to text me your desired option. This deposit is non refundable and will be subtracted from your total service fee once your appointment is finalized. Once your deposit is received, you will receive a text message and your personal appointment will be considered confirmed and certified. If you need to reschedule you may do so without loss of the retainer deposit by contacting me at 320-292-9529 with a 24 hour notice. I will issue you a polite confirmation call 24hrs before your appointment to remind you of our scheduled time together. Thank you kindly. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Your choice: Cups, Cards, Charms. What will it be???

Cards: Jennifer is a Third Generation Tarot Intuitive. Her tarot card readings are very popular. She will begin your card reading session with a general flow of information through Tarot, Numerology & Intuition in combination with using her own Clairsentient, Clairaudient & Empathic gifts to provide more detailed insight.

Cups: Using her inherited stunning antique “OLD ROMANY” fortune telling tea cup, and a Vintage 1988 tea cup Jennifer will utilize her skills honed throughout three generations of tea leaf readers to celebrate with you, in a fine tea sitting, and address your potential future with issues such as love, money, life purpose, career, relocation, weddings, engagements, break ups, relationships and travel.

Charms: “NOT A TEA DRINKER?" *No problem!* Special Tea Leaf Cards and Charm Castings are also available. In Jennifer's own words, "Tea and Tarot are a miraculous way to see into your future with ease and grace. Please, allow me the opportunity to help you understand what lies ahead of you on your life path." For more information go to; (10% discount for all College Students and Veterans)

Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading)
The gift of tea leaf reading, tea cards, and casting of tea charms. Tasseography was believed to have originated 2737 B.C as Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea. Later as tea spread to Europe the European Victorian Aristocrats, Kings and Queens alike, were the only class of people to be able to afford tea drinking. Tea was very expensive and hard to obtain. Tasseography and Tarot go hand and hand as cards where a preferred way of games played. So tea and tarot or "Cartomancy and Tasseography " where reserved for the elite in life that could afford such things as tea time and wine spirits. Seeing Spirits and seeking guidance from divination became very popular. Mystics where called upon as seekers and sitters would drink their spirits in fine setting to seek DEVINE information for fun and for future fortune thrill.

Aristocrats would sit at tea time and mull over the patterns left by tea and wine sediments. This began what they call "Throwing of the Cups". This is in reference to the sediments found at the bottom of the cup of tea and throwing it out or draining of the water from the leaves before being read. Thank goodness. This method has evolved to include special tea leaf reading cups for very spot on intuitive readings. Tasseography has fashioned into tea cards and casting of tea leaf charms as well. All in all a very fun, interesting, informative and relaxing experience.

Special Tea Leaf Cards and Charm Castings are available. A beautiful way to see your future in progress by casting charms on a Victorian style casting mat. "Tea and Tarot are a miraculous way to see into your future with ease and grace. Please, allow me the opportunity to help you understand what lies ahead of you on your life path."

Wild Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Citrus Herb & Licorice Root, Passion, Hibiscus, & Passion Fruit Flavors | Caffeine free
Zen, Green Tea with Lemon Grass & Spearmint |Caffeinated


About Jennifer

Jennifer enjoys living her life purpose as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Intuitive Guide and Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hr. Alumni graduate of the 2018 class at Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center in Annandale, MN.

 Jennifer has the gift of insight and loves to enlighten and assist clients with shifting to a higher state of understanding. As a practitioner of the esoteric world for over 20 years Jennifer assists her clients individual needs to integrate the true Holistic Trifecta; Mind, Body and Soul (Subconscious Connection)

Hypnosis helped Jennifer in many ways with positive habit changes thought the years. So she was naturally drawn to hypnotherapy in her professional practice as see understands the quick success a person can achieve through Hypnosis and Cognitive Intuitive Guidance.  Jennifer graduated top of her class from the prestigious Hypnosis Motivational Institute (H.M.I.) The only fully Accredited Hypnotherapy College in the United States.  

It is Jennifer belief that every person’s subconscious mind holds the key to their true health, and as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist she helps her clients to accomplish their own therapeutic mending through hypnotherapy as well as her interactions as a Certified Intuitive Tarot Guide. Jennifer’s Specialty Practice include; Intuitive Guidance, Therapeutic Archetypes and Mythical Imagery and Neuro Linguistic Programing (N.L.P)

Jennifer is highly motivated to help clients reduce anxiety, stress, increase motivation, overcome fears, phobias, and develop true strategies for success and happiness in all areas of there life.

 Past Life Regression (P.L.R), Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Relationship Strategies, Fears and Phobias,

Anxiety and Stress Reduction, Grief and Loss, Sleep Disorders, Therapeutic Imagery, Neuro Linguistic Programing (N.L.P.)

Connection to your Higher self , Spirit Guides, Intuition and Massive Manifestation Techniques for Career and Financial Success!

Jennifer is a Member of

The American Tarot Guild

The American Hypnotists Association

The America Hypnotherapists Union  

There are 146 ways Hypnotherapy can assist you

To learn more go to;


What People Are Saying

Jenny Sack wrote:
Jennifer is an amazing psychic. I've met with her several times and hope to meet with her more often now that I can fit it into my budget. The first time I met Jennifer I was floored! She knew I had jaw surgery and knew the profession of the man I liked and how I knew him! Those were the first words out of her mouth when I met her. It was eerie but I knew right then she was the real deal. No guessing on her end. Information just flows out of her! The nice thing is that she's not very expensive, either. I've spent a lot more money for psychics who were very well known, but, I needed to keep asking questions.. Jennifer already knew what I needed/wanted to know.

Machon Halbe wrote:
Jennifer is my FAVORITE advisor and I have been going to her for years!
She has such an amazing ability to pick up on the people surrounding my situation, emotions, doubts, fears, and she had the guidance to get me through it all. She has truly opened my eyes to so many things and with her help; I have been able to make some amazing life changes. My life improved significantly after meeting her. Jennifer is truly an amazing person overall and it is a blessing to know her! She is insightful, smart, compassionate, intuitive, professional, and is truly motivated to help others. Jennifer is very connected and I have received so many benefits from her readings and guidance. She is HIGHLY recommended!!  THANK YOU JENNIFER

Suzanne W wrote:
I have never met anyone like Jennifer in my life. I have had a few readings in the past, but NOTHING like this! She is incredible. She told me things that there is no way she could have just guessed at. There is an astounding energy that surrounds her. I felt it just sitting across the table from her. I 1000% recommend her to everyone. Jennifer, thank you so much for the amazing insight into the issues I am dealing with. You are simply wonderful and I will definitely be back!

Jake Morgan wrote:
I have really big dreams in my life. They're the kind of dreams, that some would believe to be impossible... But I believe in the impossible. That's what makes it possible for me. Jennifer shared with me her thoughts and ideas, about how to go about pursing my own dreams. She knew things about me, without me even telling her. She told me things about my life and ambitions, that I myself already knew, but wasn't always quite sure of. She told me, what I needed to hear. And with her doing this, I’m now reassured that I’m on the right path in life and will continue to keep moving forward. GREAT experience and I'm thankful for it. Thanks Jennifer

Dena Peavey wrote:
If you ever want a wonderful reading make sure you see Jennifer she is awesome she's honest she's friendly and she will tell you exactly what you're looking for I had her talk to me about my best friend that passed away and she knew things that nobody else would have ever known I believe in her a hundred percent and will always be my friend and psychic she's always uplifting and helping you do things that are positive for you.


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