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You went to the store and picked out a stone or crystal that spoke to you. Now what do you do with it? Put it in your pocket? Yes. Put it in your pillowcase? Yes. Put it with your water? Yes. The answer is going to be yes to nearly anything you ask except perhaps silly things such as, “Shall I put it up my nose?” (A question I have been asked!) Even if it is a stone that helps raise the vibrational energy to help healing of the respiratory system or the nose itself, it’s never a good idea to insert a stone anywhere. A much better alternative would be to place it next to your nose when you are lying down. What are the other ways that you can work with that lovely crystal or stone you just got as a gift or purchased?

I teach a stone class and I will begin with one of the many things I say in session each time. There are as many “rules” out there about anything in the metaphysical realm as there are teachers. You could potentially have one person tell you that you can’t put certain stones near each other, or you can’t let others touch them, or any other multitude of “rules”. As I have said countless times before, if you don’t think it jives with your intuition, it doesn’t follow your own “rules”, or it plain doesn’t make sense, don’t do it. The vibrations change slightly when stones are put together but not enough to harm you or them so no worries. Use your intuition and you might come up with just what you need!

Apart from just carrying them in your pocket, wearing them in jewelry, or setting them next to your bed, the next best thing is advancing your work with them. Quite by accident, we got a couple of new items in our shop that were not here when I began writing this article, but it was meant to be. We now have Gemstone Well Elixir Bottles in, and as their tag line says, they will “Get you in tune with Earth”. They are glass bottles with an opening at the top for water and a chamber at the bottom for gemstones.  Infuse your water with unconditional love, courage, or even fun! Our bodies are made up of an overall percentage of 60% water and we need to keep that replenished. Our brains and hearts are 73% water and so not only is it important to fill yourself up with water that is already infused with beautiful messages and energy vibrations, we also need to keep speaking to ourselves and others kindly, so our bodies remain healthy and happy! Negativity breaks down what makes water so good for us, and it will break down our bodies filled with water as well. Come on in and we will show these great bottles, so you can see for yourself why infusing your water is a must, and why we are excited about them.

The other item we just received in are Crystal Grid oracle cards. This is a very simple guide for making your own crystal grids for health, happiness, and so much more. I could not explain grids in the space I have left so please stop in and take a look. We will help the best we can with all questions. If we don’t know it, we’ll find it! Come on in and discover more advanced ways of working with those treasures you already have or pick up a new treasure to enjoy with your new items. And don’t forget, treat yourself kindly today and always! Your health depends on it!


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