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stones: hematite

stones: hematite

I have never written about Hematite mostly because it seemed that everyone knew what Hematite was. I could probably count on one hand how many times anyone came in and asked what Hematite looked like or what it was traditionally used for. Maybe you are one of those who  know all about Hematite and don’t need this article? Even if you think you know all there is to know about this wonderful addition to anyone’s stone collection perhaps you may still learn something more? If one is looking for a great stone for grounding then Hematite seems to be the “go-to” stone. Why? And when one wants to feel protected, it is also one of the first stones chosen. Why? And why is this stone one of the most popular and yet one of the least liked stones we have? Let’s take a closer look at Hematite to answer this and more.

It seems that most people tend to know that Hematite is called that because its name in Greek means something related to blood. But not all know why it was given that name. Although it makes sense to call Green Quartz, streaked and spotted with red, Bloodstone, it doesn’t seem reasonable that Hematite, almost completely deep black when processed would have a name meaning blood. The reason for this is because when it is mined it generally has red streaks that run through it in rough formation. The red is caused by its iron content. Hematite is Iron Oxide and it is used as an iron ore. This makes Hematite a metal mineral rather than a gemstone. This is not necessarily evident when dealing with a piece of tumbled hematite or perhaps a simple pendant as the red is hidden beneath the layers. This teaches one that all is not as it seems. That is why this stone is great for those who are going to court as it helps one to see the truths that lie beneath. It is an exceptional stone for lawyers and those seeking justice!

Hematite has a beautiful grey black luster to it, when tumbled or made into jewelry, and if it were not for its weightiness and non-gem classification this would be the classy stone to wear. A surprising thing is that it really is a fairly fragile and soft stone, which at first glance does not seem to be the case as it looks quite capable of much abuse. This very heavy stone seems impermeable and strong as can be. In all  actuality however, this stone is fairly easily broken in half when dropped on a hard floor. It rates 5.2 on the Mohs scale of hardness and it is used quite regularly for carving beads, stone animals, and jewelry of all shapes and sizes. This makes Hematite a wonderful stone for those who see themselves as impermeable to the connection of others. It teaches that the connection to others is what makes us human and weakness is not always weakness but trust.

Hematite is one of those top ten most popular stones at our shop and probably is throughout the metaphysical arena. But there are those who shun this stone. There are those who don’t even want to hold it. They are the ones that never want to be grounded. They are the ones that want to do their work in the clouds, so to speak. This is ok, some of the time. Other times it truly is necessary, in order to actually do our work and help others, to ground ourselves and be able to bring what we know “down to the earth plane” to teach and heal. This is the perfect stone for those who are too “flighty” and want to learn but it is also for those teachers and healers who have so much work that they need assistance in regaining their connection to the earth. Let’s face it, all of us like the feeling of flying with the Ascended Masters but we are here for a reason. If we never wanted to come down we wouldn’t have come at all! How does it ground? It has a low, dense vibration and resonates with the first chakra. It has a high concentration of iron in it and iron is red. Red is the color of the first chakra and is tribal. The first chakra helps to ground us to Mother Earth. Mother Earth, as well as our “tribe” helps us to feel safe and secure, and through this security we feel connected to all. Did you learn anything new? I did. I learned that I don’t have enough hematite around me. In fact I am getting one right now to put in my pocket! Get yours out today and happy grounding to all!



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