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inspiration: gift ideas

inspiration: gift ideas

Sometimes it’s difficult picking out just the right gift for someone. Gift certificates are great too but so is the shopping! We have put together a short list of a few products that we sell that may help you decide on the perfect gift. (And maybe there will be something on the list that you didn’t even know about for yourself! You can drop hints easier with our helpful list!)

Here it goes:

Salt Lamps: Not just beautiful but beneficial too! Natural Himalayan salt neutralizes the positive ions, from electronics, etc, that create poor air quality by “putting out” negative ions which make our air quality better.

Statuary: From Buddhas to Kuan Yin, Isis to Pegasus, Dragons and Fairies, we got them all! Find that great conversation piece or the perfect centerpiece for any altar.

Stones and Crystals: Beauties from all over the world in just about every conceivable shape and size! Need I say more?

Artwork/Prints: Brian Andres, Melissa Harris, Willow Arlenea and many more. Some spiritual, others just delightful!

Books & CDs: We have a small but diverse group of books and CDs that may surprise the most avid Barnes and Noble shoppers. We love our CDs and won’t put anything on our shelves that we don’t think you will love as well.

Angel cards or Tarot Cards: We stock our shelves with a variety of Oracle cards to delight, intrigue, enlighten, and entertain. Whether you like to pull an Angel card to bring joy to your day and maybe offer a little guidance or like to sit down and do full complicated spreads of divinatory cards, we have a great selection!

There are the special occasion pendulums (for the important stuff), and the altar pendulums (for the important stuff), and the pendulum that maybe you would borrow in a pinch. You can never have enough pendulums! They are kinda like kids pacifiers, one in every room and you still could use more!

Pit & Pendulums: These are those really cool meditation tools that have sand in the bottom (or pit) and a pendulum that makes wonderful designs in the sand. You start to focus on the patterns being made, your mind quiets, yep…you are meditating!

Jewelry: We have pendants, bracelets, necklaces and rings from all over the world. These are unique pieces hand-picked by Merri and Joan, and we are VERY picky! We pride ourselves on finding the very finest vendors with the quality you expect and deserve from Mind Body & Spirit.

Singing Bowls, Tingshas: Our singing bowls and tingshas come from Nepal where they are hand-made with the same metal alloy of 5-12 different metals including brass, copper, and sometimes silver, which create tones you won’t believe till you hear! We have had both antique bowls and new bowls (made the same way as 2000 years ago) in stock.

Flutes and Drums: The flutes and drums we carry are made from the finest natural woods, etc and are made here in the U.S. High Spirits flutes made by Odell Borg and Frame drums made by Wayne Manthey. You will not be disappointed!

As my Dad would say, “this was just a smidgeon” of the beauties at Mind Body & Spirit! Am I bragging? Yep! I am one of the owners and I know how much time and effort goes into getting our customers the best! And that’s the truth! Happy Searching for your gifts!



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