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stone: generator crystals

stones: generator crystals

This happens a lot. For some reason, we get waves of customers looking for the same information or the same crystal at the same time. Lately it’s people looking for ‘generator’ crystals. Generator crystals are used most often to ‘recharge’ other crystals. The idea of a flow of customers seeking the same thing make perfect sense, People talking to each other, reading, searching, and finding their way to our door. Sometimes to the customers’ dismay, they learn that we do not keep a large supply of a wide variety of crystals. Most people just want a nice quartz to work with regardless of its point type. Since they all run pretty close in vibration, you might wonder why some people become convinced that their crystal has to be an exact shape, or have a certain number of points? Some rely on these points for how the energy is dispersed, channeled, held, or directed. This article is devoted to education, as all my articles are. And this one is about types of points on crystals: the most commonly requested, special qualities they possess, and how they may be used. 

Following up on the recent stream of interest on generators, I should really define what a generator is—in case you missed it up top. A generator crystal is used most often to recharge other quartz crystals. They are considered a strong power source for other crystals, kind of like a battery. They are usually a crystal with a large point, with six equal sides and six equal faces that lead to one point. They need recharging like any other quartz (putting them in the sun). So, since these generators contain the same qualities of any good quartz, and they still need to be recharged themselves, what’s the big interest? Why have one? Goooood question! 

As all things, the reason began like any other. Different ideas, conversations, generations, sources—they all tell us there must be some logistical or ceremonial reason behind securing a generator. It wafts in and out, as a story changes with time. Perhaps particular believers deemed them necessary for a particular ceremony. Does that mean they are needed now? That is, as most things, a matter of opinion and belief. They are gorgeous crystals that direct and draw energy in a unique way. As with all of the different points (and there are many!!) a person must choose based on what he or she believes. I’m not here to decide for you, but instead provide information as a resource so that you can make the right choices for you! 

As I always say to our customers—and I’m grateful to have so many wonderful customers---that the size of the crystal does not denote its power or its vibration. It is the innate crystal, big or small. A larger crystal may radiate its vibration to a wider range, but my research and belief is that all quartz crystals are very close to the same vibration, and they all carry life force energy. They can all be programmed, and they all amplify energy. There is a debate, though, between milkier and clearer crystals in regards to vibration, but it’s not a big enough difference to really discuss. What matters are the points, etchings, attachments, damages, and other such things that lead us to work with certain crystals. 

Points are the point of this article. What’s a point? The point, is, literally, where the sides and faces of a crystal meet at the top. So while the following list may seem overwhelming, it’s really only a brief run-down of different points and why they may be used. 

Channeling: 7 sides on one face. Used for accessing information from guides, especially during meditation. 
Double Terminated: points on both ends, not matter the number of faces. Used by healers, as energy flows both directions; also good for energy exchanges. 

Dow: Looking much like a generator, but having a 6 faced pattern of 7 edges/3 edges, etc. Often referred to as the 7-3-7-3-7-3 Crystal. Heard to work for unity and balance, channeling and transmitting energy long distances. It is purported to hold secrets of reincarnation. Called the Alpha/Omega stone because of its many abilities.

Generator: 6 equal sides and 6 equal faces meet at a point. Can charge other crystals, and can be used for healing. 

Grounding: 8 edges on one face. The length doesn’t matter. Channels earth energy to keep focused. It can provide security as one pursues answers in a straight-forward way. 

Isis: One face having 5 edges, two of which are the longest meeting at the point. Its intent is for nurturing, healing emotional turmoil, and providing strong Goddess energy and regaining feminine power. 

Laser: Very thin crystal with small faces at one end. It’s considered the source of brilliant white light for healing. Used for energy healing when a strong focus is needed. 

Sceptor: a crystal growing from what appears to be a rod of crystal below it. It directs energy very well and it’s used for ritual and healing. 

Soulmate: Two crystals grown together in twin formation but NOT with a single base. Can be used to help heal heart relationships or reaching out to your soulmate. 

Twin Points: Two terminations at one end beginning from one base. Good to create business partnerships and ability to see the other’s perspective. 

Window: Diamond shaped face where below two larger faces intersect. As the name implies, it can assist in seeing oneself clearly, on the surface and from deeper, hidden places.  

Here are other types of points you may want to be familiar with.

Cluster: Several points together on one matrix. Gifts: spiritual information from guides, breaking up negative energy, and bringing harmony and emotional wellness to an environment. Especially valuable for groups of people.

Druzy: Either tiny or very small broken points that shimmer like freshly fallen snow. It is used popularly for self or constant healing, especially when worn or carried.

ETs: (Extra Terminations) one point at one end and multiple points coming out of the other end of the same crystal. The energy comes through one termination and shoots out in multiple endings to carry in many directions. Can be used to correct imbalances.

Muse: 9 small crystals together. Can be used to enhance inspiration and creativity.

Quantum: Three crystals together: three sets of multiple crystals on the same matrix, but with obvious separate points. The mother lode. Or so it’s been said.

Well, there you have it. Can you imagine that this is just a starting place? If you’re interested in putting visual images to these descriptions, hop on the internet and use the names as the search words. You can always stop in to MBS to see what we have in the way of books, leaflets, or cards that accompany crystals. We don’t always have particular points labeled for you at the store, but you can check upstairs, too, in our book section for more pictures of the points you may be looking for.

As I learn more I’ll share more. That way, you can learn to search for new crystals or perhaps learn more about the ones you already own. And, just so you know….if you really need a certain crystal, the crystal often finds you! Happy healing!



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