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Fossils have long caught the attention of mankind because they felt powerful. The first amulets worn for protection were often fossils of some kind. The ancient peoples wore ammonites into battle to show strength and feel protection.  Amber was used by doctors to help with everything from epilepsy to childbirth.  Jet was worn around the neck to uplift those who were depressed and needed something to induce happiness. People eventually figured out that these things were either living organisms at one time or were a product of living organisms at one time. It was found that many of these organisms were here long before man, some during the dinosaur era and some had been around since the very first life (bacteria) became encased in sediment.

While at first people wore these fossils because they were unique and awe inspiring, now fossils are found everywhere. Shops at state parks, etc where one may be tempted to keep one found during their visit. (Totally not okay by the way! Leave it for someone else to take, I mean enjoy!) They are in jewelry, formed into bowls, sinks and tables, and are found as specimen samples in specialty shops in almost every medium substantial town. Fossils are not found in many stone and crystal books however, because some crystal experts don’t feel they fit this category. But they do indeed!

The reason that most fossils fit with crystals and stones is because they are essentially the same, just different. There are a few different ways that fossils are made. I won’t go into detail about these methods, but briefly explain how it relates to them being in the same “family” as other stones and crystals. Some fossils, such as dinosaur bones, tend to get buried quickly. Just like a mummy gets dehydrated and becomes a “fossil”, so too does a dinosaur bone. Without any liquid it turns to a hard, desecrated shell of what it was once upon a time. Others such as the petrified wood or ammonites, die and then are encased in soil or something similar. These encased organisms break down and leave a hollow place where they were or where parts of them were. While they are breaking down, quartz, calcite, agate and jaspers (which are essentially “dirtied” quartz) fill in so that the organism becomes a new “mold” of its original self. Sometimes opal fills in, which gives them spectacular color! Look up the ammolite from Alberta, Cananda! Wow!

Everything has energy and the fossils are certainly no different. The fossils all have energy, from the dried up dino dung, to the amber that was once tree sap, to the ammonite that once swam in the ocean. Even petosky stone, state stone of Michigan by the way, is a petrified coral that has a wonderful energy. The ones that are filled in with certain minerals have the energy of those particular stones and crystals and these I feel should be included in the crystal and stone books. I suppose in a way they are, as those minerals are listed. What about the fossils that are still what they were, only hardened from lack of any moisture to break them down? These retain the energy of the creature or organism it was at one time. Since all organisms are carbon based, we have a similar energy whether a mummy or a dino! Imagine that? Even more amazing; Amber, which is tree sap, is a wonderful healer of pain and is made up much like man-made plastics are today! That’s right, Amber is nature’s plastic. Chains of carbon and hydrogen so closely adhered together to form plastic. Yet Amber can encase an entire ecosystem within itself! Full insects down to unseen bacteria, plant cells and debris can be found inside this wonderful fossil. Amber is probably a healer and plastic is not for this reason!

Whether a sand dollar or a full nautilus, fossils are fascinating reminders of what once was, but are great to have around for many other reasons too! For old souls it can bring comfort and security. For those who like to learn and feel the ancientness of long ago, the fossils can churn up knowledge of ancient earth for them. They have been known to be exceptional healers and supporters of bones and teeth as well as possible connections to other planets and ancient alien visitations! And fossils are just plain cool too! Everyone needs to have at least one in their healing, or really cool collection. I do! 


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