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stones: for wellness

stones: for wellness

What a winter we’re having! Is anyone feeling a little blue? Are you anxious to have this weather over and done with? Perhaps you’ve seen your doc and have been diagnosed with situational depression, which, while temporary, can be disheartening? It is very important that you work with your primary doctor, and decide together what works for you in traditional medicine. But you may also be interested or curious about adding natural and/or spiritual components to assist with what’s ailing you. There are many different natural and spiritual things you can explore. One of them, and the focus of this article, is using stones and crystals. Each carries properties that may help keep you going through this very long winter. While this list of stones and their properties is very long, it can provide basic information and perhaps assistance to a variety of people and their individual energies. The best way is to read the list, check out the properties, and then look for those stones to wear on a necklace, bracelet, or even to carry in a pocket. Some people know which stones or crystals he or she needs for what’s bothering them. You can approach this a couple of different ways. Put yourself in contact with them. Are you drawn to any? Don’t discount that. Don’t ask why, but why not? Carry it around the store with you, see how it feels in your hand, sense the energy it provides. Sometimes stones can accumulate the energies of others if they’ve been held a lot. If you are convinced this stone or crystal is for you, take it home and ‘cleanse’ it in the sunshine, sage or running water.

The other approach you might take is to get a book on crystals and stones. These are often books that show a picture of the stone or crystal and talks about its major properties, which will help you locate the stone for you. Stones can be worn on a chain, earrings, bracelets, or rings. You can wear them alone or in combination with others. Just be sure they are compatible. I once had an unfortunate experience of wearing ‘contradictory’ stones, for my energy, that had me speaking freely, but I spoke a little “too freely.”

There are also people, both men and women, who choose a ‘cocktail’ of stones and they’re kept in a pouch in one’s pocket or purse. These kinds of stone/crystal mixtures are highly individual, so there’s no one group that works for everyone. I am glad Joan looked at me one day and said: “Whoa, you got a lot going on with that necklace today!” And I told her what my day was like, and she just laughed, saying, “I could of told you that just by looking at the crystals on your neck!” A story to encourage you to do your reading and ask questions.

The diagnoses of anxiety and depression are on the rise. Most of us are living stressful lives. Some of our anxiety comes from the job we chose; sometimes our family lives seem to be on fast forward. Being anxious for a period of time can cause what’s called “situational” depression, which is as it says—tied to what’s going on in the present moment.

But more troubling are the rise in diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety. This means the depression and the anxiety have decided to take up residence in your brain. You feel lethargic, like a failure, even hopeless. Your brain, especially at night, is in overdrive, with racing thoughts –many at a time that will not release us to the healing power of sleep. There are medications for this, and checking with your doctor to start this journey is a good way to get started on your path toward wellness. But there is much more you can do to support yourself.

In the second half of this article, I’ll lay out the stones and the healing properties known to help. This is by no means a complete list, but it will hopefully provide a list that makes you curious to learn more. Speaking from my own experience of having Major Depressive Disease, Generalized Anxiety, and a list of autoimmune diseases, I thought about sharing the stones that work for me, but they may not for you. So instead, I encourage you to look at the list, the stone’s vibrational energies, and let them speak to you. You can be a bit playful and try a few, based on the efficacy listed about a stone. The Internet will be a powerful resource, but do be careful of sites that only sell stones. Look for pages that discuss properties and even stones that perhaps you, as an individual, shouldn’t create a “cocktail” from. I found this out the hard way. I was wearing peridot, jet agate, lithium quartz, and lapis lazuli. My energy didn’t jive and I’d wacked myself up!

Joan put this incredible list together, and this is an excellent starting point for all of us. Certain stones can be worn together on a necklace when you are cognizant of their individual meanings; if they are not compatible, with your energy combined with theirs, you will likely feel that difference—feeling a bit wonky, that one is overweighing the other…in effect, they’re fighting each other’s properties. There are many good books on the properties of stones and crystals. For one, The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall, is a comprehensive book for newbies and a great reference for those who have more experience.

Another personal quick story. As a professional singer, I always wear lapis lazuli to rehearsal and to the actual concert. Once I had to pin it inside my corset because the gown didn’t need a necklace. I don’t go anywhere, to any gigs, without my beautiful lapis point that has a small opal set with it. Lapis lazuli is the stone for the throat chakra— whether for singing or speaking. I use it for both, but especially for singing, or if I am giving a lecture at a big convention.

While it would be difficult to cover ourselves in crystals and amulets—pockets full and hanging in multitudes around our necks. We can be mindful, choose a few that speak to the highest need of the day. I do wear crystals daily, rotating them as needed. Other than lapis lazuli, I wear lithium quartz every day, because it is one of the few stones that is used directly for depression/mood stabilization and then add others as needed or desired. I also take all the medication I am prescribed, I follow diet and exercise, and I make sure I get a good night’s sleep. When the stones/crystals need cleaning; I clean them with sunshine and then put them away. It’s become part of my morning ritual—chai, meditation, journal and pack my school bag for the day.

Everyone is so different , so do not be surprised if something another person says works for them may not work for you. This only proves we’re unique individuals! I wish you success on your journey with stones and crystals. Whether worked with for blue moods, depression, and anxiety or any other of the multitude of uses, there are stones waiting to help you!

Agate: emotional wound healer
Blue Lace Agate: communicating to release stress, worry
Amazonite: alleviate stress due to soothing nature, helps clean out and block electronic stagnation that can be a cause of anxiety
Amethyst: serenity due to connection with Higher Power
Ametrine: relieve tension due to amethyst part connecting to Higher Power and release of creativity, which has a calming effect, coming from the citrine part
Angelite: inner peace when one is overwhelmed
Apatite: improves concentration
Aventurine: balance
Azurite: energy flow, through the body, is corrected and channeled better
Bloodstone: releasing energy blocks
Celestite: Angelic support to lessen worries and fear
Flourite: blocks or shields from additional tension and anxiety from others
Hematite: can lessen anxiety if one needs grounding to do so
Jade: serenity and wisdom
Jaspers (ALL): the great nurturers. “As a mother’s arms relieves worry and anxiety”
Kyanite: tranquil thought patterns, aids sleep
Labradorite: clarity of what is really wanted in life and magic to help make it happen
Lapis Lazuli: meditation aid, opens third eye for even more clarity into mystery
Larimar: healing of love related stress and anxiety
Lepidolite: trust and acceptance, decreases overall anxiety, stress, depression and emotional trauma, especially when the cause cannot be easily discerned
Malachite: protection from toxins that may increase anxiety
Moonstone: balancing hormones
Obsidian, Mahogany: releases blockages that create tension and anger
Obsidian, Snowflake: positive mood through balance and increase in courage
Onyx, Black: releases excess energy and emotions
Opal: healing emotional trauma
Pietersite: helps release fears about the future
Prehnite: connection with all, contentment
Quartz, Clear: program for anxiety or stress release
Quartz, Lithium: relaxing, emotional peace and stress reduction due to chemical imbalance
Quartz, Rose: unconditional love and forgiveness
Quartz, Rutilated: self-reliance, independence
Rhodonite: physical relaxation
Sodalite: solidarity with others, friendship and healing within friendships
Tigereye: feeling of protection
Tourmaline, Black: releases obsessions
Turquoise: joy
Unikite: releasing abandonment issues 



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