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The article on the front page was all about dreams this time around and I thought I would take this opportunity to list some stones that may help with your continued success on your dreamwork. First, I am going to give you what I work with for stones in my dreamwork and the list will be some stones recommended by Judy Hall, Melody and other experience.

I have found great success with Jade, first and foremost. It seems to be the first one I turn to when I want to remember my dreams, or work within those dreams. My second stone is Clear Quartz Crystal. I find besides amplifying the benefits with Jade, it also is so easily programmed to help with setting up what my dreams are going to be about. And if I want to have restful sleep, I am sure to reach for my kyanite. These are, again, what work for me. Since we are all very different, it is possible you will have to work with many different stones or combinations of stones to find what is just right for you.

Stones traditionally labeled for sleep and dreamwork: keeping in mind Jade is listed as "the Dream Stone" for a reason, when in doubt work with Jade, and always have it together with these stones.

General Dreamwork without focus - Chinese Writing Stone, Gaspeite, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, Dream Quartz, Citrine  

Intensify or Increase Dreaming - Spirit Quartz

Dream recall - Jade, Crystal Quartz, Marble, Marcasite Common Opal, Convoluted Sheet Quartz, Blue Quartz, Dream Quartz, Rhyolite, Ruby in Kyanite, Tektite

Stimulating Beautiful or Fulfilling Dreams with messages - Blue Turquoise

Happy Dreams inspirational with or without a message - ALL Opals

Lessening Sleep Deprivation and or Sleepiness - Blue Turquoise and Natural Opal or Oregon Opal

Restful Sleep only without necessarily dreaming - Kyanite, Amethyst

Lessen Sleepwalking - Oregon Opal or Nature's Opal

Lessen Sleep Apnea - Lithium Quartz

Lessen Narcolepsy - Scapolite

Lessening Nightmares - Ruby Crystals

Courage within Nightmares - Citrine and Black Tourmaline or Hematite, used together.

Lucid Dreaming - Angel Aura, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Rainbow Moonstone, Moonstone, Amethyst, Convoluted Sheet Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Common Opal, Sand Calcite, Ruby Crystals, Ruby in Kyanite or Ruby in Silver, Tektite.

Recording Dreams for Later Recall -Sand Calcite, Rainbow Calcite, Convoluted Sheet Quartz, Rhyolite

Carrying the Essence of a Dream - Herkimer Diamond

Dream Answers, Interpretation, and Insight - Jade, Mahogany Obsidian, Ruby in Kyanite, Convoluted Sheet Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Oregon Opal or Nature's Opal, Lapis Lazuli

Programming Dreams-

General - Chinese Writing Stone, Clear Quartz Crystal
Past Life - Convoluted Sheet Quartz
Prophetic - Aurora Borealis Stone, Dream Quartz, Flame Aura Quartz
For Prosperity - Citrine, Ruby, Unakite
Friendship - Garnet and Lapis together, Jade
Intuition - Azurite
Love or Relationship Work - Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite  

Finally, for those who prefer to do their work while daydreaming these stones are very helpful - Noreen Jasper, Any Opal, Blue Quartz, Dream Quartz, Citrine

Happy Dreams to all, and to all a good night!


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