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stones: for healing

stones: for healing

We have had an increase in customers calling and coming in to inquire about healing stones. The question asked most often is “Do you sell healing stones?” The answer would be yes. The next question is often “Where are your healing stones?” As many of you know there are stones and crystals throughout our entire shop. And so to answer the second question simply is to say ALL of the stones and crystals are healing stones. There is no specific stone or crystal that heals all ailments. That idea comes from conventional methods of medicine we have all come to be familiar with and that understanding causes confusion. There is not just one pill (or stone in this case) that is a cure all. Modern, western medicine has had such an influence on all of us and so the impression that there is just one pill, method, procedure or stone that can provide all of our needs doesn’t seem impossible. But it really is impossible. 

Two, beautiful, unique human beings are never identical in every way (not even in the case of identical twins) and so healing is never identical. Even if there are two patients who are admitted the same day for exactly the same medical issue, such as kidney stones, they will heal differently. One may be able to pass the same size kidney stone on their own with very little help while the other requires much more intervention. Why? If they have identical issues and are treated with identical medicine and procedures, shouldn’t they heal in an identical way? Once we really stop to think about it we all come up with the same response, no. There are too many idiosyncrasies that make us very different. 

Modern Medicine is finally getting on board with the fact that faith (not just faith in a higher power such as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, etc but faith in anything) makes a substantial difference in how people heal. Some insist that the belief that stones can heal is ridiculous and the reason it works is because the person believes they will be healed? Even if that were the case, healing is still happening. It only makes a difference that it is happening. We at MBS would tell you that there is absolutely no doubt that faith heals. But we would also tell you that in our understanding and studies we have found that there is enough evidence in subtle energy health, when exposed to stones, that faith plays a large part, but only a part in the overall healing. 

We all have unique systems of faith in our complicated brains and no two Catholics, Wiccans, Muslims, or Lutherans have the same faith. And we are not speaking strictly of doctrine. No two people have the same faith in those who support them. No two people have the same faith in themselves to heal. And no two have the same subtle energy systems. 

Our systems are merely energy that is readily influenced by environmental factors such as toxins and shifts of subtle energy. We are also influenced by our thought patterns or beliefs, which is sometimes referred to as faith. When our subtle energy systems are disrupted, by what usually begins as a challenge to our emotional state, or beliefs about who or what we are and how we fit into the giant puzzle we call life. When a challenge or shift happens, we “subtly” shift and this begins the snowball affect which left to progress becomes illness. 
So what about these healing stones then? What we try to help people realize is that to find the proper stones to assist us in balancing ourselves again we need to go back to the original imbalance that created the subtle shift. That is how one gets to the answer of what stone is their healing stone at that time. 

Until we are willing to go further than whether or not the kidney stone was caused by a dietary issue of the catchall phrase of “stress was a contributing factor” we will still have the idea that if one has a kidney stone than there must be one fix to having kidney stones. Dig deeper and help yourself heal. Then find the stone that will uniquely help you to balance; therefore, help the entire healing process. 
Keep in mind that stones are not the only aid one should be using. They are an AID to healing, just as prayer, exercise, or diet is. Everyone must find their own individual way of healing. Some will choose surgery to assist, others choose medication, and still others work only with homemade brews and healing herbs. Just as any of these are aids to healing, so are stones. They should not be the only choice for healing but stones are a great addition to any healing regimen. 

Again I say that there is never one stone that does it all, but there is also a saying, “When in doubt work with Amethyst!” I still follow this a bit with the addition of Rose Quartz. Because if you don’t know how or where to begin amethyst with help to connect you to your higher power (God, etc) and Rose Quartz resonates with unconditional love for oneself. What could possibly be a better way to begin? And we have a wonderful bunch of Amethyst just in and we usually always have Rose Quartz. So come on in today and begin whatever healing, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, you wish for, or perhaps block disease at its very roots. Not only are they helpers in healing, they are really pretty too!



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