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We get asked all the time what different things are or “mean” in our shop, Part 2:  

LABYRINTH:  A walking or moving inward journey, depicted much like a maze but with no dead ends, for meditation or prayer. Usually made in gardens with vegetation but we have carried many handheld ones for those who would like the experience without trying to find one perhaps far away.  

HUMAN SKULLS:  Symbolic of the cycle of life as we leave our shell behind but our souls move on. Or represents those that have gone before us. Honoring the dead while also remembering their lives.  

TREES:  Trees of life. Too many things to write much symbolism. Very important symbol for connection but also the stages of our existence, birth, life and death. Or also the heaven(s), earth plane, and the under- world. And so very much more that it could be an article all itself!!!  

DREAMCATCHER:  Most notably from Native American Culture but other cultures have had similar ideas. Catches dreams within its web and sifts out the bad while only letting the good through.  

VARIETY SYMBOLIZING THE CHAKRAS:  Items to help balance the 7 or 8 main chakras (healing centers). Items for particular chakras to work on one at a time. There are many, many more chakras but learning about and working with these is a great beginning towards health  of Mind Body and Spirit.  

ABALONE SHELLS:  Used as adornment or jewelry, used whole as a vessel for burning sacred sage and other such  herbs, or used in coming of age ceremony in some West Coast Native cultures.  

RITUAL CLEANSING HERBS, ETC:  We have many different types of cleansing herbs available including sprays for those who cannot or do not like to burn in their dwelling or office space, etc. If things are not feeling positive in your space maybe it's time for a little cleansing?  Most important thing of all to remember is it isn’t what you burn in your ritual but the intention you have for the ritual.  

FAIRIES:  Who doesn't love fairies!? I have actually gotten a reaction from one person that thought that believing in fairies was against her religion? I can't imagine that these wee people of the forest, who actually have more stories worldwide than angels throughout history, could possibly be against a religion? You don't have to believe in anything if you choose not to....but remember not believing doesn't mean it's fake!  

GLASS BALLS:  Our hand blown glass balls have come from several places, including Canada, South Carolina, and even Poland. Witch balls are the ones with glass “fingers” that are seen in the inside center of the ball.  These, at one time, were used as a protection to stop any negative energy much like the dreamcatcher.  Other glass balls have been symbolic of friendships, trees of life and whimsical Fairy Orbs which bring fairies to your home to protect you.

CANDLES:  From Chakra candles to specific intention candles you will find it here. We have our staples on hand most of the time and try to slip in a few new ones here and there. We have many that have essential oils in them to help with aromatherapy and for those who don't like any fragrance, even natural ones, we have the un-scented. Candles have been used in ritual in most societies and they will light your way as well! Stop by and see what all the talk is about (the great smells from our shop)...relaxing every time!

Next time I will finish up with shop items that are most asked about!



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