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We get asked all the time what different things mean in our shop. From the symbol for Ohm to the Lotus flower to Celtic or other varieties of Eternal Knots, there have been questions galore. We like questions but thought why not put the most common symbols, within our shop, here for all to peruse and get to know. We wanted to do this with the simplest and least amount of words even though most require much more than what is here it gives the reader a beginning to see what one would like to explore further on their own.

Here we go:

LOTUS FLOWER: Universal symbol of our quest for spirituality or enlightenment, regardless of religion. The lotus seed is planted in the dark. The lotus begins its journey in the depths of the mud and muck at the bottom of a pond. It makes its journey up through the dark muck and mud to pursue the light. Once it has found the light it then
blossoms, just as we do once we reach enlightenment.

OHM: Universal sound we would all vibrate to if all else went silent. Sometimes it is called “God’s Voice”. It often looks somewhat like a 3 written in a strange calligraphy style. The 3 itself is symbolic as well of the heights (mountains and hills) and the lows (valleys), the struggles (rivers and seas/the curly line behind the “3”) of which
we all experience on our way to enlightenment, which is the small mark/dot above the barrier of a curved line. Some say symbolic of Earth and Heaven as well.

KNOTS IN JEWELRY: Most always a symbol of no beginning and no ending. (There are many different variations which develop over time into their own eternal symbol throughout the world) Life.

HAND SYMBOL: Hamsa, Healing Hand, Hand of Fatima. Symbol of healing, protection, goddesses, blessings, etc. Many different religions use this symbol including both Christian and Islam.

BUDDHA: Buddha is not worshipped as a god of any sort. Buddha art/statues are kept as a symbol of living as Buddha did in letting go of the things that cause us struggle and finding the spiritual nature we all possess within ourselves. There have been many that were considered a Buddhistava, meaning enlightened one, after the
original Buddha. This includes the popular “Happy Buddha”, (chubby Buddha who everyone tummy rubs) who was actually a patron saint, of sorts, for Bartenders and Bars. Also being a symbol of prosperity, he is seen at the front of many Chinese establishments.

KUAN YIN: She is symbolic of the feminine side of the Buddha. She is a Buddhistava or in other terms an enlightened being, which is what Buddhists strive for. She is also called “The Mother who hears the cries of the world”. She very closely resembles the Spiritual Mother Mary often found in the Catholic Religion.

GANESHA: The elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvati who is said to help with the removal of obstacles, and so much more. He is one of the most popular Hindu gods.

RAINBOW: Many different cultures, groups, and religions use for a symbol of Hope and diversity. It appeared after the great flood in the Bible and it appeared when Ganesh was born. Martin Luther King Jr used it for diversity and so does the LBGTAQ community. It stands for the end of a storm, peace and new beginnings.

YIN-YANG: Zen symbol of Balance. Where there is balance there is peace. Male/Female. Dark/Light. Neither are worse or better, just equal because without both there can never be balance or peace.

TRISKELE OR TRIQUETRA: A sacred trinity. Many cultures and religions believe in a Holy Trinity. This was originally a Celtic or Druid symbol but could be symbolic of all Sacred Trinities whether Mother, Maiden, Sage (Crone), or Father, Son, Holy Spirit, all the way to Earth, Sky and Water.

EVIL EYE: Originated in Turkey. A strong talisman of divine protection. Most often blue but can be other colors as well.

DRAGONS: Most often a symbol of protection and strength. Sometimes also considered to be ancient wisdom.

FLOWER OF LIFE: Symbol of unity. All are connected. Very popular symbol in Sacred Geometry.



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