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inspiration: fairy gardens

inspiration: fairy gardens

In celebration of spring, teasing us with whispers of warm air, melting snow, and birds singing, we have unboxed our fairy garden at MBS. Given that I have written about fairies in past newsletters and many of you already know that Merri and I love them, it goes to follow that fairies must play a role in our shop. There are many of you that love them as well and we know you are going to really enjoy the ones we have set up to represent our wee friends out there in the forests and meadows, etc. Springtime is the season when we begin to take notice a bit more at life outdoors and what we don’t always see but somehow know are there? No doubt the wee ones stay in another dimension and only allow themselves to be seen once in a while? Maybe the dimension they come from is warmer so they don’t have to freeze during the winter months here with us? We don’t see as much of them during those cold months, nor do we hear them until the spring rains and warm breezes touch the earth once again. If you sit quietly and listen closely sometimes one can hear the soft giggles and may even be tugged on the sleeve by fairies that want to play. 

Whatever your belief in, or non-belief in (oh I shudder to think…remember what happened to Tinkerbell because of non-believers?), fairy gardens are a wonderful way for adults to play and not make it look like play. It’s gardening, it’s landscaping, and it’s not play. (That was for those who don’t play…you know who you are.) Therapists use sand gardens and tiny landscapes of different worlds all the time and it isn’t used just for kids! Here is the secret. Many of us feel out of control sometimes in our busy, chaotic, and full lives. It is just being human. But if it happens too much we stop relaxing and feel more and more out of control. These little landscapes go a long way to help some of us begin to relax again and have control of another world that we create any way we want to. It is just one more way to heal ourselves by creating a little secret garden all our own. (Not that fairies won’t play with the creations sometimes because it’s fun for them too!) A few minutes with our little gardens and we have relaxed a bit and feel more in control so that we are ready to tackle our lives once more. Give it a try!

One other way that these little worlds we put together help us is by giving us a focal point after we have relaxed “playing” with them. Once all of your pieces are the way YOUR world should look, sit back and gently look into that small world. Let your eyesight get just a bit hazy and out of focus as you finally close your eyes and find yourself in a wonderful meditation. And if it ends up you nap instead? Well you probably needed that too! 

Now for those of you that are just shhhhh….not into fairies? Do not let them hear that! Small worlds of any type work, as well as sand gardens (many times called Zen gardens), and even large landscaping if you have the room. No limitations here. Whatever you enjoy to get out of your head and allow your childlike spirit to dance with your heart for even a few moments of your day will make a world of difference to your psyche. Springtime is also a good time to remind us all to play. Now…go play! (After you have looked at the rest of the newsletter of course! Merri works really hard on it!!)

PS. Please don’t write to me to let me know that Tinkerbell is a Disney character and not technically a “real” fairy as the fairies have made that quite clear. (I’m sure these pinch marks will go away with time!)



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