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symbols: faeries

symbols: faeries

I read a poll just recently that said that over 90 percent of people world wide believe in some sort of Angels; although, most of those people have never seen or heard them. And then I read something similar that showed that less than 30 percent believe in Faeries, even though quite surprisingly there are just as many stories of encounters with Faeries as there are Angels. It is interesting what we choose to have faith in? In November the “New Age” Realm lost a remarkable author, teacher, guide, and storyteller extraordinaire, Ted Andrews. Most of you may know him best as the author of the book “Animal Speak”. Although his heart was almost always invested in the animals he dabbled in just about every aspect of the metaphysical. One of the last books that I had signed by Ted is the book, Faerie Charms, one of his Young Person’s School of Magic and Mystery Volumes. It is an easy to read book for the young of all ages and if you get a chance, I highly recommend reading it. In this book the world of the Unicorn, Elves, and yes, Faeries, come alive with folklore and Tedlore. My favorite, above all in the magical world, are the Faeries!

Many people apparently, as told by Ted, thought he was, well… crazy. They thought this due to his wonderful beliefs in the magical and mystical worlds beyond where most beliefs end. He believed in faeries, and I do as well. I have never seen a fairy but I have heard their laughter and I have felt their playfulness around me and so I believe. I trust in magic and laughter and I am in good company as there are many others who share similiar beliefs. I love how Ted puts believing into perspective when he said in his book Faerie Charms, “People will believe only what they want to believe. If you spend your time trying to prove to others, you will miss out on many joys and wonders. There are some things in life that we may never be able to prove or disprove to everyone’s content, but some things are important enough to continue believing in whether we can prove them or not.”

Throughout time and places, especially in Ireland where they are still called the “little people”, stories abound about the small mischievous people who live in the woods and hide from the “big” people. One such story from Ireland translates that these little people came from a bright star that hovered over the land! Were these encounters from space? Who knows? I never say never! Apparently, the wee people lived side by side with the people of the Ire. The story continues with the English taking over Ireland and the little people running and hiding in the forests, and that is where they stay to this day. However they got here and where they came from is just another mystery. And I am sure that with some of you I have lost all respect, believing in the wee ones! But I have kept in good graces with the little people, and trust me, whether you believe in them or not, it is best to stay within their good graces! Yep, they can be nasty if you are not kind to them! They only love those who
take care of their homes. Their home is the wilderness and they particularly love the low lands that are covered in moss and smell of fresh rain year around. If you sit quietly in the forest and breathe deeply and listen carefully you may just hear the barely audible giggles of the miniature lords and ladies of the woods.

Merri and I found a fairy glen once and we could feel a tangible magic all around us. It was as if the entire woods invited us to be a part of it. We knew we were among the faeries because the “feel” of them was there. Dragonflies darted about like sentinels. The flowers rose up to meet us and it felt like a waterfall of energy poured down on us. It was truly magical. There is no way to explain it to someone, it must be felt. We thought it was the only place to feel them and so we returned to that glen again and again. Then one day we were blocked from the path. We were quite sad that we would no longer be able to experience the magic of the glen. Then one day, as we were riding down a road on ATV’s near a beautiful woods, quite by surprise Merri got a message, from the wee ones themselves. They said “we are everywhere”. Now the magic is around us all the time, and we are young again. Little did we know, that the fountain of youth is believing, and not a fountain at all!

Ted says in his book Nature Speak that most people are amazed when miracles happen and he says that he would be amazed if they didn’t. He said, “Magic and miracles are supposed to happen. And nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of Nature. Through the Green Kingdom, we discover once more that enchanted worlds exist and that magical possibilities still abound.”

I am grateful for people like Ted Andrews who always believe in magic. I am thankful that they remind me to believe as well. Ted signed my book by saying, “May the faeries dance in your heart!” They do Ted. And my wish (cuz when you believe in Faeries, you can believe in wishes too), is that you are now dancing with the Faeries and that we might all get to join you someday. To all...happy believing!



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