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symbols: dragonfly

symbols: dragonfly

The dragonfly throughout time has been a symbol of survival. Since the days of the dinosaur the dragonfly has remained virtually unchanged. The only significant change has been the size of the dragonfly. It has become smaller to adapt to its needs and the needs of the surrounding environment. The core of what the dragonfly is has remained the same; therefore, this is symbolic of an individual’s ability to survive many changes in their varied environments (work, home, nature, etc.) and yet remain true to who they are. This does not mean that we should not change but do so in a way that keeps our core intact. The dragonfly itself changes up to fifteen times within its lifetime, while remaining unchanged over many lifetimes. After living most of its life as a nymph it emerges into what we all know as the “Dragonfly”.

Dragonflies have traditionally been one of a select few creatures that have been known to carry a deceased person’s energy (soul) to their loved ones. Contact from one of these simple, yet splendid creatures brings peace to a grieving soul. A light touch reminds us that our loved ones are never that far away, even after death. They also teach us about the brevity of life, as most butterflies live a few hours to a few days. The same is true of the Dragonfly which lives up to a few short months. They also remind us of the beauty within that brevity. For beyond what we cannot see
lies beauty as well.

The magical Dragonfly is also a symbol of protection. Besides the “fairy” tales of protection they offer to Faeries, they were given the name Dragonfly because of their fierce fighting skills when attacking other insects. The Dragonfly carries within its name the energy of the medieval dragons of lore. This dragon energy, although at times intimidating, has been accepted as that of protection. Protection of gems in a castle to gems within one’s heart, the dragonfly will assist. The dragonfly protects the fairy lands and the dragonfly protects all who believe in themselves and who they truly are. Honor, protection, and trust are within the core of the Dragonfly’s energy and beauty.



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