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inspiration: cleansing

inspiration: cleansing

It’s that time of the year, when many people are moving or cleaning the winter guck out of their space. And when these rituals, rites of passage, & life events happen we feel we must go deeper-- to cleanse our spaces of the ethereal guck as well. This ethereal stuff that generally needs wiping out would be those “ever nasties” like stagnant energies, unwanted entities, & anything left behind that does not serve our highest good. 

The decision as to what tools to use can be daunting! Common questions asked by those who want to know what the right way is: “I’ve been told that I should only use this...” or … “I must have this to perform certain cleansings.” Yes, there are tools you can use, and I’ve put together a list here for you. Before this, though, is something else, maybe even more important. I have one very simple suggestion that I believe will cut down on the “tool torment.” Nothing need be exactly the way someone else tells you. That takes care of two of the above decisions. One need never have what they “should” use, nor is it required to have what one has been told they “must” have. Don’t put yourself in a corner! Take should and must-have out of the equation--- the decision process will be easier and yet more difficult at the same time. It becomes difficult because YOU get to make the decision about what to use! Well, that was certainly helpful, wasn’t it? 

It’s up to you how difficult you want this process, ritual, or cleansing to be. Some people are uncomfortable or overwhelmed when the decisions are in their hands. Are you one of them? If you are, then it’s wise to listen to others before making your choice. If you’re comfortable making your own decisions, listen to yourself. Wow, such power. Don’t let it go to your head!

Okay, we have established your power. To cleanse any and all spaces, you just have to use it! You need only to believe in the power of your power and simply say, whether out loud or silently: the guck will hear it either way. “Whatever is not for my/our highest good must leave.” These words are only a suggestion as a way for you to get empowered. Notice I used the word “must” in that intention. That’s where some of your own power comes in. If you choose to have something leave your space, don’t ask politely for it to leave. Minnesota Nice is not necessary here! If it is affecting your highest good you have no choice but to make it vacate the premises! 

So there you go. You have just cleansed your space. You say you didn’t burn anything? That’s right! And this is the kind of advice that could put Merri and myself out of business…because you don’t need “stuff.” The business part of us dies just a little when we say that, but truth is truth. We have said it before, and this won’t be the last time either: none of you need anything that we provide in our shop. What we provide are helpers or tools to assist in your rituals. Spirituality comes from the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit, and our connection with our higher power. It does not come from a particular item we hold in our hands or exactly what we do with those items. Here are truths about any “rules,” rituals or advice that you have heard from others: 1) they were made up by someone else, perhaps many years ago, or the person you are hearing it from now, who simply believed in their own power to establish them. 2) They were made up for very good reasons; belief, ritual, community, and so forth. Even still, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what your own soul needs. Ritual tools, are however, what our humanness needs. This is why we provide ritual items in order to assist our humanness to connection with our higher power. And those creating ritual, copying ritual, or changing ritual, are doing so to provide this same connection. 

I’ve put together information on items we provide at MBS that can be burned in ritual. Many ask if there are certain herbs for certain rituals. Most have heard of sage, but there are many sacred herbs that one may use as well. This is why I put this list together for you…to help you empower yourself! Again, this list is a short offering of what we have but they are not the only tools. Merri and I trust that this list and its “uses” will provide help with your own ritual creating. 

I leave you with this: believe in your own power. You may not be greater than your higher power, but your choice to be in partnership with your higher power can lead you to more meaningful rituals, a deeper heart connection with others, and most importantly accessing your own truth. 



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