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stones: chrysoprase

stones: chrysoprase

This wonderful green stone is a form of chalcedony that comes from many different places in the world. I believe it is a stones that continually changes its basic vibration according to what is needed. I have always said that stones do not have human consciousness and do not determine anything from a good or bad scenario as human beings do. There is no judgment from stones and crystals; however, this doesn’t mean that they can’t change according to the reaction they have with particular individuals or vibrations that they come into contact with. This stone does it a lot!

I came to this conclusion when I use to carry chrysoprase quite regularly as an aid for writing. I noticed the stone was extremely helpful to me for many more reasons. It was just changing according to what I needed at any given moment. This can and does happen with many stones but until this one I really never paid much attention to the way they change without charging or my intention. We know that when our vibration is very low Moldavite will literally leave our presence. It will commonly fall out of settings in jewelry or be misplaced when it is tired of trying to raise or match an extremely low energy as it has an extremely high vibration. So its energy does not fluctuate according to the energy around it, at least not as much as chrysoprase does. The stones such as chrysoprase, that change to match what is needed, all seem to have a wide range of overlap when it comes to the chakras. It isn’t necessarily that the vibration of the stone changes but the element of the stone that resonates with what one needs becomes pronounced. This is somewhat like having two eyes that see equally well but sometimes the sight or perception is taken over by the dominant eye when needed. So what one needs from Chrysoprase, it provides.

It is easy to remember what Chrysoprase helps with when you remember what the chakras do and this stone resonates with chakras one through four. You can remember the chakras like this.

Chakras and the Seven C’s
One: Comfort (Security, Tribal Support)
Two: Creativity (Fertility, Sexuality)
Three: Courage (Power)
Four: Compassion (Human Connection)
Five: Communication (Voice)
Six: Clairs (Intuition or Psychic Abilities and Awareness) - Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairsentience (Feeling), Claircognizance (Knowing), Clairalience (Smelling), and Clairgustance (Tasting)
Seven: Celestial Connection (Ethereal or Otherworldly, Connection to Higher Power, Angels, Guides, etc)

We have Chrysoprase from three or four localities at the shop right now with a variety of shades of green. They are beautiful! This stone has been known to aid with lessening side effects from long term use of medications, helping to heal infection, and to lessen pain in the heart due to betrayal. This stone is said to bestow good fortune and peace upon the bearer, but maybe it is the creative forces that bring good fortune and comfort that brings peace. Maybe you need courage for a job interview and want to wear one like Alexander the Great did into battle or you’re a writer and have a yearning to see life from a different perspective to aid in originality. Perhaps you need more acceptance of yourself or others; therefore, compassion is what you need. No matter what you seek, or what you need, the chrysoprase has something for everyone.



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