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stones: chiastolite

stones: chiastolite

Chiastolite is called the “Cross Stone” as it has a perfectly balanced cross of graphite through the center of it. The graphite creates protection during astral travel and sleep. This stone protects particularly at times of vulnerability and especially when one is not aware they are in need of psychic defense. There are contradicting theories on the vibration of this stone which are probably due to the graphite content. The surrounding mineral creates a higher vibration than that of the graphite. So this stone both works and resonates with the sacral and root chakras, and also helps the brain. Therefore a question arises about it resonating with the sixth or brow chakra as well. However, most believe that it should still be classified as a root or sacral stone as it helps the brain in grounding of unhealthy, scattered, or disjointed thoughts. So even though this stone helps the brain become more balanced it is not a true sixth chakra stone as the vibration is, for the most part, a lower one.  

Because of the balanced cross within this stone it has been regarded as having a balancing characteristic to it as well. There has been debate over the cross having anything but the vibration of graphite for protection within it. Some have claimed the correlation with Christ, as almost everything that resembles a cross has been since the time of Christ. But this stone does not have the frequencies that other stones of the Christ consciousness have and so it may just be coincidence, if coincidence happens, that the graphite ended up being in a perfectly balanced cross. There is however a vibration that promotes harmony within this stone. And harmony usually has an element of balance associated with it. Since it brings clarity to situations it helps one understand why disagreements happen in the first place bringing quicker resolution. This understanding balances the perspectives which create harmony.

Chiastolite is wonderful for both temperamental animals and children. It has a calming effect on those not understanding of mankind’s “rules”. It can be especially difficult for both children and animals to understand the necessity of some rules that do not “fit” into their way of thinking. This does not necessarily make the animals or children “wrong”, it means they are not understanding of the tribal rules. Chiastolite brings clarity to them as well in calming the brain enough to bring understanding, at least enough for harmony to happen.

This stone is great for anyone with rheumatism, blood disorders, blood circulation problems, and for those who need regulation for their blood pressure, whether too low or too high. It also has been known to help increase a woman’s breast milk production in some cases.

This has also been considered as the “Stone of Travelers”. The reason behind this, besides the astral travel protection, is that it helps one adjust and adapt to change, and enhances spiritual awareness which creates movement and travel of sorts. It also is a stone that helps one remember and understand the importance of life cycles, from birth to death and beyond, then back to birth again. We are all travelers within that cycle and it is important to remember that the journey never ends with death of the physical body. This is a comforting stone for those that are transitioning and getting prepared for death. It helps them to take comfort in this vibration that reminds them that death is just another step on their journey, that life continues.

The last thing I want to share about the Chiastolite stone is that because of its perfectly balanced cross it has been used as a stone of promises. It has many times been carved into the shape of a heart with the cross running right through the center to serve as a commitment stone for anyone who loves another, be it friends, lovers, or family. Definitely a stone to have in your home. Pick one up today because besides all of this, it’s just pretty cool too.




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