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symbols: blue heron

symbols: blue heron

Many of us like to spend summertime by the water. If there is one bird everyone seems to recognize, besides the loon, it is the Great Blue Heron. Whether kayaking silently along a shoreline or sitting on a dock pondering life, the sight of a Great Blue flying overhead lifts the spirits and eases our worries. It seems everyone I have talked to about this bird lately has that same feeling. We feel peace and solitude, joy and somehow, a bit of security. I wondered why we all seem to feel this when we see this well known lake visitor?

I did a little studying and found that the Heron has been found all over the world in pictures and paintings throughout time. In ancient Egyptian mythology it was most likely the Phoenix that rose from the ashes and renewed itself every 500 years. There are legends that say the “Bennu” bird, as it was called in Ancient Egypt, was born out of the heart of Osiris, the son of Ra. And the Egyptian Book of the Dead says the Bennu bird was the Guide of the Gods to the land below. When one died the Heron would guide the soul to the land of the dead so they could rest for all eternity, unless they too decided to be born again.

No wonder we feel as if the Great Blue is trying to guide us sometimes when we are out on the lakes. And here is just another take on why we feel the peacefulness of this beautiful blue icon. In the pagan or ancient Celtic faiths the Great Blue Heron was the embodiment of the Goddess Rhiannon. The Great Blue has been called what Rhiannon would be called, “The Lady of the Lake”. The Lady of the Lake guides all those who are lost and provides for those that are in need but mostly the Lady of the Lake guards the shimmering, wonderful lakes so they will be here for our kids tomorrow.

According to Ted Andrews, the Heron is a symbol of balance, able to be sure footed upon the ground and fly gracefully through the sky. They explore quietly and slowly along shorelines, waiting for opportunities. But once they have spotted what they want their swiftness in attack shows no hesitation. People with this Totem/Spirit Animal seek solitude and love to explore. Those who love nature and enjoy canoeing, etc, would highly resonate with the Heron. There is a sense of security in the Heron energy. They have the ability to evolve and become more adept at their talents so they may always be taken care of. If one chooses to accept the Heron as a spirit animal they will learn to walk into the deep waters with no fear and they will stand on their own two feet keeping themselves balanced at all times. Self determination, self reliance and guidance are the trademarks of the ever popular “lady” of the lake and spiritual guardian of the nature lover’s soul, the Great Blue Heron.




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