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Blue Chalcedony, the "Peace Stone", isn't just your average 5th Chakra communication stone. This beautiful, sky blue type of microcrystalline quartz will calm even the roughest of seas within you. The light blue, white striped form of Chalcedony is called Blue Lace Agate and helps one communicate with their Angels. The blue lace agate also has many of the attributes of all agates. Even though the blue lace agate is stunning, it's the Blue Chalcedony, without the lacing, which is both much rarer and highly sought after. One must be careful of where they get their Blue Chalcedony today as much of it is white chalcedony dyed to get the gorgeous blues seen in the Namibia, Africa, blue chalcedony. Much of it coming out of China is dyed, but not all of it is dyed. Most of the time, if one truly knows what they are looking for they will not be fooled. But internet sales are tricky, so please be careful. There are a lot of fakes on the internet! Buyer beware!

Once you find that perfect piece, in no time you will begin feeling the need to communicate. This is a strong communication inducing 5th chakra stone. Not only will you want to speak up for yourself but verbal dexterity and learning new languages will become easier and in no time at all, you might just become a master at lingual excellence?! If you have always wanted to wow others with your speech, then this wonderful stone is for you! From the moment the blue chalcedony is picked up there is an overwhelming feeling of fluidity and flexibility that seems possible for one's life. As with the energy of Larimar, it seems natural when holding the blue chalcedony to begin rocking oneself back and forth as if becoming one with the tides of the earth. The reason for this could be, it is said, sky and waters come together in the energy of this amazing crystal stone and it is this flowing resonance, of the two elements, that is felt.

It is a stone that connects strongly with the etheric, helping connect your voice to the etheric as well. This connection is why the blue chalcedony, within the blue lace agate, helps with communication with your Angels. But the pure Blue Chalcedony goes one step further. Because of it's link to the etheric it can be of assistance to those trying to heal childhood trauma that may have original roots in past lives. To work this deep within ourselves it is of the utmost importance that we are guided along our way. If a shaman or elder is not able to help, it may be that the blue chalcedony will be our guide. It can take us into the etheric and help us feel safe just like before we are born. This is another reason why the blue chalcedony can make one feel as if they are being rocked and soothed within water because it takes us back to the womb. This work must be done slowly and carefully, but it must be done for healing to be complete. Holding the blue chalcedony, especially while meditating, can facilitate some of this deep connective work, and aid us in finding answers long hidden.

Blue Chalcedony helps to calm immediately. It is especially helpful for those who have a great deal of anxiety because they get on the hamster wheel of life and can't seem to jump off! With the world spinning so quickly it is easy to have our minds going in a thousand different directions all at once, creating what seems to be endless chaos and anxiety. Hold the blue chalcedony often and feel the sweet rhythm of mother nature washing it all away. Blue chalcedony will help you find your inner peace. Keep it close, hold it often, wear it always. This stone can't help but make even the most skeptical, peaceful once more. Stop in and find your peace stone today!


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