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stones: aventurine

stones: aventurine

Aventurine is the stone of luck and chance, often called the “gambler’s stone.” Two reasons for this are that it resonates with an individual’s ability to takes chances but helps keep one grounded enough so that unnecessary risks are not taken, creating better “luck.” The second reason it is considered the gambler’s stone is that the name aventurine is derived from the Italian words “a ventura” which means “by chance.” And gamblers win, for the most part, “by chance.” It came to be called this in the 18th century when Venetian glass workers accidently dropped copper filings into a batch of fused and liquefied glass, which produced glass that sparkled. (Interestingly this was also the same way Goldstone was discovered by monks elsewhere). Aventurine looks somewhat like the glass with copper sparkles as it is made up of mostly Quartz with mineral inclusions of Chromium Mica which create the sparkling affect called aventurescence.

Aventurine can be many colors such as green (most common), but can be purple, peach, brown, and blue, but solids only. It is mined in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the U.S. It is truly a perfect heart aid as it encourages regeneration of heart muscle, helps to lower cholesterol levels, and has been known to help prevent arteriosclerosis. As it helps reveal what it is that makes an individual happy it also lifts stress which can induce heart attacks. For those who do not gamble, then again who doesn’t gamble considering life itself holds much chance taking, Aventurine is the stone of comfort, bringing peace to the spirit itself.



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