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stones: amethyst

stones: amethsyt

If there were just one rock, stone, or crystal that I would say everyone would love to have I would say Quartz. And amethyst is the purple quartz. The other most common in the family of quartz is clear (sometimes called crystal quartz), citrine (the yellow quartz), Smokey Quartz (the mostly clear yet smoky colored one), and the pink colored, highly appreciated and loved Rose Quartz. But for now I will focus on the easily recognized but not completely understood amethyst.

I have written about amethyst before. It is probably the most correctly identified crystal, with pyrite (fool’s gold) ranking a very close second! It is curious how so many know this crystal? I believe amethyst is chosen often and is admired so much, not just for its beauty, but for the peace it seems to bring wherever it is placed. It is a crystal offering a peaceful experience for most except those that are dealing with some type of addiction, especially alcohol. I myself have witnessed those struggling with addictions want to return amethyst to us as it was giving them headaches and causing irritation. Amethyst in Greek means “not drunk” and it had been the sobriety stone for Greeks back before the time that Christ lived. With all of that intentional energy given it on top of its already strong vibration no wonder it is difficult for those with addictions! But it doesn’t just cause problems for those with addictions as it is simply running at a frequency that could help the afflicted but sometimes an addict is not ready for help and so it can be a bad combination. But if one is ready it couldn’t be a better crystal to carry around. It will assist with the tenacity to continue to battle addictions as well as connect the bearer to their Higher Power for assistance.

The assistance to connect us to our Higher Power more fully is the star attribute of the amethyst. Whether in meditation with an amethyst crystal, having it simply with us in a room of prayer, or carrying it with us daily as a constant link, there is nothing better for our heart and soul to create easier connection to God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, or our own Inner Knowing to help us with life’s journey. This ease in connection was shown to us by the Alchemist St. Germain and it has been coined the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame simply put is the Alchemy of change a human goes through to becoming a Divine Human. This Divine Human then becomes the Violet Flame. The amethyst crystal holds within its vibration the alchemical energies to assist human beings with this process. Another word for this change is to obtain the Christ Consciousness. This is not affiliated with any particular dogma, just Divinity and Higher Vibration, but quite coincidentally the higher ranking Bishops within the Catholic Church will usually be seen wearing a ring with an amethyst as its center piece. Not only was the amethyst mentioned in the bible but it has been rumored to have been originally put into Bishop’s rings for not only the Divine energy of the ring but also for “protection”. And the amethyst has been worn for this reason as well many times accompanied by a smoky quartz. Amethyst has been worn for spiritual protection for Pagans and Christians alike. It doesn’t discriminate; its vibration and healing are for all.

The three main alchemical changes Amethyst can bring to you are: a higher vibration, protection and strength against addictions. However, one cannot say these are the only attributes of Amethyst any more than you could say you have seen the Grand Canyon by standing on the rim. Many healing properties are attributed to the amethyst. It is a well-known aid for peaceful sleep. When kept in the bedroom, Amethyst encourages the brain to let go or rest. Amethyst changes the beta waves, we use all day, into alpha waves which bring restful sleep.

The amethyst is not just another collection piece to make a home more beautiful. It is the crystal to go to when in doubt about any assistance needed. It will help you link to your higher power so that you may find the guidance you need to find your answers. Take home a beautiful amethyst today and begin your journey.  



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